The Burtons to return to Canada

November 16, 2013  |  3 Comments  |  by Camille  |  Dolores O'Riordan

In an online article entitled “Cranberries star Dolores to linger in Canada”, the “Irish Daily Star” revealed that Dolores O’ Riordan and husband Don Burton were to come back to Canada.

As you might remember, the singer and her family had decided to move back to Ireland this summer and rented a house near Dublin for a trial period but it seems her children are homesick and want to go back to Toronto.

We can thus imagine that Dolores will probably not take part in the fourth series of The Voice of Ireland next year (2014-2015).

(The “Irish Daily Star” article is no longer available)


According to the article published today, the journalist Barry Egan confirms the Burton family has already left to Canada explaining that Dolores & Don, their children, as well as their two dogs took a plane last Tuesday. Dolores has already planned to be back in Dublin mid-December for The Voice Battles.

It was too built up for us. Too many people and cars and it felt like being in a box
We missed the wilderness. You get used to the great outdoors.
From my window at home in Canada with the heavy snow on the trees, I can see people fishing through the ice. Doesn’t that sound enticing?
I’m looking forward to peaceful silence at last!

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3 Responses to The Burtons to return to Canada

  1. Tipsy

    Honestly…what a mess…

  2. CranFan

    What makes you think she won’t be a judge in The Voice of Ireland? The “source” says:

    “Dolores will return to Ireland and stay here during The Voice of Ireland. She is well used to being away on tour so it won’t be an upheaval for her family.”

    Not that we should necessarily trust this source. Who’s the Ben mentioned in the article?

    • Webmaster

      This is just an hypothesis as we believe that taking part to this show requires lots of back and forth journeys to Ireland from October to April.
      We can thus imagine she’ll do this for the season of The Voice she has already started (3rd one: 2013-2014), but if she’s to release a new album in 2014 and maybe tour later on (maybe in the fall? again, just an hypothesis), we believe it makes sense to make the assumption that she might not do it again next year.
      We might be wrong, no one knows, but that’s still interesting to ponder over it, especially as she expressed recently her will to “stay around with her kids” and not “overdose” her life.


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