Noel Hogan to finish his new project with Fin Chambers

January 18, 2014  |  Comments Off on Noel Hogan to finish his new project with Fin Chambers  |  by Jury  |  Noel Hogan

According to Noel Hogan’s recent post on Tumblr, he and his long time collaborator Fin Chambers are almost done with their new project.

Finn & Noel. 

The ongoing project I have been working on with Finn Chambers is almost finished.
I hope to have a complete update on this in the coming weeks

For now it remains unclear what kind of project Noel is talking about. A new Mono Band EP or album? Or something completely new? As we reported before, Noel has been working on a new EP, and before that new Mono Band demos with Fin Chambers’ vocals had surfaced.

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