Noel’s collaboration with Zerova… and other Noel news

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As we reported in January, a few years ago Noel played guitar as a “guest guitarist” on a track by Polish band Zerova.

As it turns out, the track is actually called Józiu. It is the first single from Zerova’s album Gombrowicz which is going to be released this month.

Zerova is a Polish experimental music band “combining soft electronic sounds with a
variety of traditional instruments,” according to their bio on

You can watch full video for Józiu below:

Also, it looks like Noel is still working on his solo project(s). This is what he posted on his Tumblr page on March 18th:

Last week
It was a busy week, some of the new tracks came back from the vocalists. Really sounding great.
Went to LIT [Limerick Institute of Technology] for and gave a short lecture on Writing/recording.
New tracks for the City Of Culture album have been coming in, some very interesting stuff.”

Sources: Noel Hogan Production Facebook page, Noel Hogan’s Tumblr

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