A small message from Dolores

August 26, 2014  |  3 Comments  |  by Camille  |  Dolores O'Riordan

As mentioned yesterday, Dolores is joining Eric Alexandrakis today to record a track called “La Fine”. Much to our delight, the songwriter producer just posted a message from Dolores on his Facebook:

A message from a friendly voice: “Great to be working with Eric, chillaxing in the forest. Always good times with the bears…because the bears don’t care…look at you now…don’t fade away. Love, Dolores”

Although it is great to learn she’s enjoying the collaboration and we’re quite happy that she delivered a message to Alexandrakis for the fans to read (she, who usually doesn’t give much news while in studios as she’s not too much into the internet tools), we can’t help but notice that she still sounds haunted by her old demons, alluding to people’s judgement, and the disappointment of being let down.

Let’s hope songwriting, as well as this break post The Voice will help her achieve some closure.

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3 Responses to A small message from Dolores

  1. Luca

    Yes, it’s probably that she really don’t want to be involved in the internet circle….i can’t blame her choise after all…..but i really would be happy to have for example ONE channel of communication like Twitter where she could manage it without having pain of any sorta.

  2. Jury

    That’s very interesting 🙂 And it looks like they are recording in her home studio in Ontario ’cause she is mentioning forests and bears. As far as I understand Eric lives in Miami , and obviously there are no bears in Miami 🙂

  3. Limey

    She needs to be more involved on social media. People love her! Dolores, get a Twitter account, at least.


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