Inauguration of the Polish Presidency 2011 – HD VIDEO

September 11, 2014  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

A year and a half ago, one of our readers, Piotr from Poland, sent us the HD 1080 video of Dolores performing for the “Inauguration of the Polish Presidency” on July 1, 2011 recorded on TVP HD. The video was uploaded in 4 parts and for some reason one of them was corrupted and we never succeeded to watch it.

This week we recontacted Piotr and he agreed to re-send/re-upload it. He also agreed to share it with the world and gave us permission to spread his direct link so here we go. It is the complete performance, it is about 410 MB and it really is worth it, take a look at the 2 screen caps below if you have any doubts.


This special performance with the symphonic orchestra really is one of a kind and this is maybe the first time most of us will see it in HD. If like us you like this video maybe take a minute to thank Piotr by leaving a word (in the “leave a reply” below) or just a thank you and in Polish please… or not!

Screen captures from the HD 1080 video

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7 Responses to Inauguration of the Polish Presidency 2011 – HD VIDEO

  1. Lucas

    Hey i am te first one to say thank you Piotr. Nice video indeed. HD rules

  2. ML

    I love Dolores performance here so thanks a lot Piotr, you’re very kind.

  3. cleora

    thank you Piotr, thank you CW

  4. Fabio

    Awesome quality. Piotr you rock !!!!!

  5. Karl

    Thank you all

  6. Mitra Barb

    This video was shared last year on a P2P site and for those of you who might be interested it was the whole show with all the artists that night, Dolores is just a very short part of it. Sorry I can’t remember the exact P2P it was but it should be easy to find, maybe someone here will remember. Anyway it is great to have Dolores performance alone. So thank you Piotr.


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