“The Bachelorette” new spoilers/photos (UPDATED)

June 18, 2015  |  12 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The website wetpaint.com just published new spoilers of the next episode to air of “The Bachelorette” U.S. TV Show. By the way, is there anything not spoiled in this show, just saying!
Anyway, among many things feature 2 photos of The Cranberries playing in the church:

The Cranberries, Jared and Kaitlyn Bristowe – ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne

“The Bachelorette” – Episode 1106



2 more photos on the website Buddy TV:

The Cranberries and the 2 candidates – ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne


And a total of 6 photos published on disneyabcpress.com, the 4 pics above plus 2 new ones.
Thanks to ABC for posting all the links on the “Leave a reply” box here below on CW.

“The Bachelorette” – Episode 1106 – ABC/Clodagh Kilcoyne


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12 Responses to “The Bachelorette” new spoilers/photos (UPDATED)

  1. john

    Well, it looks like an accoustic performance with no audience at all (and possibly no Fergal either). No chance for any of us fan to be part of it. Sad !!!!!

    • David

      What a pessimist comment. I am excited to see the performance! We get no Cranberries these days so this will be awesome for the fans! 🙂 with all the member or half of them – still cool.

    • Elieser

      you right David

  2. Piotr

    OMG ! Beautiful

  3. Joanna

    Oh My God, Dolores and Noel together again. Very happy to see that.

  4. Human Spirit/Warchild

    If you zoom in on the very left side of the photo, it looks like there might be part of a string instrument (Bass or Cello?)and someone’s elbow. As far as Fergal and Mike, they may be in back or the other side of the room and not in the picture. Should be interesting. I bet they will play Linger, hoping for another song, but Linger is one of there most popular songs and a slow song they could dance too. Maybe it’s an acoustic version of when you’re gone?

    • Joanna

      Yes Linger for sure !!!
      The elbow probably is Mike and disagree with John about No Fergal. OK he might only have tambourine and maracas but I can bet he’ll be there. Anyway we’ll see.

    • diana

      Agree with Human Spirit/Warchild: strings section in the back.
      In my opinion, we’ll see neither Mike, nor Fergal in there.

  5. Maria

    Can´t wait next monday

  6. Alex

    Cool to see all these photos before the broadcast. Can’t wait tomorrow.


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