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Yesterday and totally out of the blue appeared on the internet a brand new 27 minutes audio interview of The Cranberries minus Dolores. The weekly podcast is called “Coffee with a sign painter” and usually takes place in Starr Studios in Texas but this time it was recorded in Limerick Ireland. The exact recording date is not yet known but it sure is quite recent, “a few days ago” according to Noel Hogan’s Tumblr account. Host Sean Starr talks with Noel, Mike and Fergal about The Cranberries, the influence of Morrissey and The Smiths, the music industry, Limerick, family, life in the 80’s, not jamming together for fun on their time off, Sign Painting and the upcoming screening of the film Sign Painters at the Elemental Arts Festival in Limerick this coming September.

2015.07.14 starrstudiostx1


But the most important thing for any fans concerns the future plans/music of the band and it comes from Noel around minute 23:

I think if we decided we were gonna do it like we did a few years ago around 2009, when we went back again you know, when we get back into it, it suddenly consumes everything again. You’re doing it, you’re away all the time and you are writing and you’re in the studio and we completely focus on that then when we get back into it.
So if it’s something we do again, and I’m sure we probably will, we’ll lead it at a time when we can all focus on that and not have kind of other things going on at the same time, because as I say, it’s such a big thing when we take off that you have to kind of commit 3 years of your life really to the thing. Cause sometimes you kinda tour short, you don’t go to one territory and next you get these fans that are seriously pissed off with you so you kinda have to keep everybody happy, that’s why it takes so long then.

So, will there be new music of The Cranberries? Will there be concerts again? No one can really tell for now but at least it doesn’t look impossible and that’s pretty good news!

Also posted on the Instagram account of starrstudiostx a selfie with the band made at the show by a kid named Seth Collins. Fun!

2015.07.14 starrstudiostx2


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4 Responses to Brand new interview of The Cranberries

  1. marty

    Hey they all look great on that selfie, even the kid ! Nice to see Fergal again. And thank you Noel for the “and I’m sure we probably will”. All is said. Take your time, whenever you’re ready, I’ll be there. Even if it takes 10 years but please a little before would be kind.

  2. anony

    noel makes it sound like they will reunite again in the future… prob not for awhile though. I wish we could get some new on dolores new solo album. is she even still planning on releasing one? I’m thinking she won’t mention anything about it until everything is settled with her arrest, which could be months.

  3. Tipsy

    Oh my god i would see the cranberries a very last time before i die.They are getting aged like me and we only live once….so at this point if the wants to hide at least hope in a final tour.

  4. Daniela

    Why a final tour ?
    One tour every 7 or 8 years or even every decade is fine for me. It seems reasonable and leaving time to live peacefully in family in between, No?


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