Dolores summonsed to appear before Ennis Strict Court next Wednesday (UPDATED)

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According to this article Singer Dolores O’Riordan has been summoned to appear before Ennis District Court next week for alleged assault, arising from an incident at Shannon Airport last November. The cases have been listed for the first court of the new legal term for Ennis District Court next Wednesday, September 2nd.

As you probably all know Dolores was born on September 6th, what (almost) a great birthday!!

Source: The Irish Time


According to a new Limerick Leader articleit is understood that Ms O’Riordan […] will be unavailable and the matter is to be adjourned.

Source: Limerick Leader

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  1. 蒋凯特

    Dear Dolores,I’m a Chinese college student.I do wish that you can be more brave and optimistic.As I am not good at English,Please forgive me that I can only use simple words.Please forget the pain and the glory in the past and pay more attention to the bright days in future.No one can be a goddess,you are also an ordinary woman.So many people are caring about your emotion and health. I can’t express how much I love you.You know ,every one can be lonely.You will never grow old as long as you have more confidence.
    We love you,and even on the other side of the earth,so many kids are praying for you devoutly.Finally,wish you happiness and health.


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