Noel Hogan will share some Cranberries news soon (UPDATED 2x)

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Noel Hogan:

To all asking….
Very soon I will have Cranberries news.
Happy New Year.

Breaking news tonight posted by Noel himself on his twitter account and except a few fans who will always say I knew it, I felt it, I saw it in my crystal ball etc… his words were totally unexpected for most people.

His short message spread the internet like rarely before and every fans started to imagine what the surprise could be. Naturally the first idea concerns a band reunion to make a new album and/or a new tour.
The word reunion has no really sense as the Crans never officially nor unofficially split. Anyways!!
This “reunion” is probably the most expected thing by the fans and is also one of the hardest to believe (for now) regarding the past months/years:
After the end of the Roses Tour 3 years ago in December 2012 a lot of things happened, band members returned to their families and side projects naturally appeared. To name a few: The Pigtown Fling and other Limerick City of Culture projects for Noel and JetLagNYC, Like A Puppet Show and a possible 3rd solo album for Dolores.
Not to mention major upheavals and revelations concerning her private life: divorce from husband, air rage incident, sexually abused when she was a child, trial, new lover…

All these things don’t argue for a reunion soon as many things are still on the process and we have to remember words recently said by Noel: “The Cranberries is such a big thing, we have to lead it at a time when we can all focus on that and not have kind of other things going on at the same time to make everyone happy”.

Well, who knows, life is full of surprises sometimes and The Cranberries reunion could still happen tomorrow… but what could it be if not a reunion?

Some say it could simply concern a new release. Like Beneath The Skin on Bluray HD or more LP’s reissues or it could be a new record made of old stuffs like B-sides, rare studio or live tracks, or even another greatest hits…
Some more people say it might concern a collaboration / soundtrack / film project.
But it might be something completely fresh and new as well.
Do you have any idea? Please tell us.

For now no one really knows.
The surprise is total.

2016 might be great.

Happy New Year !

Sources: Noel


The official website was updated today with this new visual

2016.01.03 cranberriescom


Noel Hogan said on twitter today ““Cranberries news coming next Monday.”

Source: Noel Hogan Twitter

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11 Responses to Noel Hogan will share some Cranberries news soon (UPDATED 2x)

  1. Joanna

    Beneath the skin in HD what a great idea !!!
    Even 4K would be awesome

  2. J.

    I REALLY HOPE it will be a full The Cranberries reunion (new album + tour), but if not, I will be happy with any The Cranberries’ activity, be it a re-release of previous albums, Greatest Hits album, Rarities album, etc! Happy New Year everyone!

  3. Daniela

    For my own wake up on LP would be awesome. But reunion is fine too

  4. Jerry

    As Noel recently searched his attic and found old recordings I bet it will be a rare tracks / studio takes compilation. This would be so cool.
    Make The Cranberries Great Again !

  5. viktor

    For me something about cranberries’ reunion or new album coz what would you ask about cranberries? Everybody would ask about a new album or reunion as he said “to all asking”.

  6. I would to love a new tour and new recordings. But, Noel is finding old stuffs… maybe he discovered a VHS with the whole “Uncertain” video and want to share it with us! Or old recordings with the songs “Gringo” and “Hot Dog Neddy”! A BIG TREASURE!!!

  7. Tipsy

    I totally doubt in a reunion…but i totally dream in a new Cranberries Album of unreleased track over the years ( like bsides, trys, re arranged tracks and instrujmental)

    Keep fingers crossed cause see new stuff under the cranberries name it would be unique!

    • WOW! Re-arranged tracks would be great! The “new” live version of “I can’t be with you” deserves a studio recording!

  8. Anon

    Im pretty sure it will be another tour followed by another album. This is similar to what happened when dolores canceled her no bagage tour to do a cranberries tour. She is prob camceling her solo album to join the cranberries again. Just my guess.

  9. Rev

    Noel said on twitter today, “Cranberries news coming next Monday!”


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