New album coming soon… or not !

February 9, 2016  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday the open-air festival Festi’Neuch in Neuchâtel Switzerland announced their 2016 line up featuring The Cranberries and the page dedicated to the band was mentioning a new album this year:

Ils reviennent au centre de l’actualité avec un nouvel album prévu pour cette année et cela ne peut que réserver de bonnes surprises !


Translation: They’re back in the spotlight with a new album to be released this year, good news in store !

Today this text was removed which possibly means it was a mistake… or THE big news revealed too early ! Below the new page in French (as Neuchâtel is located on the French speaking side of Switzerland)

2016.02.09 TC new text

If anyone captured the original text yesterday please send us a copy. Thanks.


Here comes the original text from yesterday. Thanks to Richard & Maïwenn

2016.02.08 TC original text

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8 Responses to New album coming soon… or not !

  1. Richard Ortiz

    It can still be veiwed on google cache just search for the swiss quote in quotes and hit cache.

    I’ll email a picture i just took of it, but is not the best quality.

    • Axl

      Indeed I can see the quote but for some reason I can’t see the page itself like it was yesterday. Please send your pic whenever you can. Thanks for the info !

  2. Dusan

    I believe

  3. Tipsy

    Uhmmmm if there is a new album i bet in:

    2) Bsides never released (so new material) plus new bunch of tracks.

    Jackpot would be new tracks produced by a renowned world class producer (dreaming Angelo Badalamenti)

  4. robert

    the cranberries’ fans are a long suffering bunch. from cancelled shows to questionable work ethic. let’s all be honest:. when was the last time you didn’t feel you were begging these people to do their “chosen” job? I have been a super-fan since 1993, but have seen too much to get excited about an internet blitz like this.

    • Richard

      I hear you Robert. If there is a new album announcement, unless they have secretly recorded it and it’s ready, I’m not holding my breath for it to come out this year. It’s just the way it is with this band. Doesn’t make me love their music any less.

  5. Nadia

    I’m dying…

  6. Mariana

    We will see. You know, new album or not it is still great to see The Cranberries touring this summer. But please come to South America. I am afraid this mini-tour might concern Europe only :(((


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