New D.A.R.K. pictures (UPDATED)

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Since the launch of D.A.R.K. official website and the announcement of their European 7 dates tour, numerous media – such as Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, NME… etc – have shown interest in this new collaboration between The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke, The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan, and NYC based DJ, songwriter and producer Olé Koretsky.

Browsing online articles enable fans to find out new pictures of the band such as this one, found by Cranberries Mexico in Mexican “Indie Rocks!”.


Recently, the band’s publicist in the US, reybee, shared the 2 below pictures of three of them interviewing each other for The Talkhouse in New Jersey, about their new album and how their pasts intersected from being The Smiths and The Cranberries. Podcast should be published online early May

2016.04.02 talkhouse 2 2016.04.02 talkhouse 1


4 New pictures of D.A.R.K. published today on social networks:

2016.04.05 dark reybee instagram

“Anatomy of a photoshoot”
Taken by Rey Roldan capturing the work of the photographer Jen Maler (back) when shooting D.A.R.K.
Source: reybee’s Instagram

2016.04.05 dark and jen maler

D.A.R.K. with Jen Maler (Photographer based in NYC)
Source: jenmaler’s Instagram

2016.04.02 talkhouse 3

D.A.R.K. minus Olé Koretsky with the podcast producer and engineer at The Talkhouse
Source: eliaeinhorn’s Twitter

2016.04.02 talkhouse 4

D.A.R.K. with Rey Roldan
Source: Rey Ronald’s Facebook

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