Mexico confirmed + The Cranberries rehearsal setlist (SPOIL!!!!!)

April 12, 2016  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Two major news at the same time given by The Cranberries today.
The 1st one concerns the shows in Cancún which are now officially confirmed by the band on Facebook.
As mentioned yesterday the two shows will take place at Moon Palace Arena on August 26 & 27, 2016.
Fans will be now able to buy their tickets confidently as the band will definitely come and play in Mexico.
Tickets go on sale May 23rd.

This is a great news for South America as we can easily imagine these two shows won’t be the only ones on the continent. It would be very costly for the band to travel and play a one-off in one city…

2016.04.08 moonpalacewebsitead


Second news concerns the setlist rehearsed these days by the band and revealed by Noel Hogan on Twitter earlier today.

Last week The Cranberries gathered in a studio to rehearse a few songs and on the 2nd rehearsal day, Noel posted some nice pictures where we can see the boys and some of their gears.
On one photo we could read what was probably a very first version of a setlist as seen in this news.
A few fans noticed that the list was very similar to that of the Roses Tour 2012!
Today for the second week of rehearsal, the band seems to be rehearsing more songs.
Take a look at the new list below:

2016.04.12 rehearsal setlist

Quite a nice surprise as this song list features a lot more rarities with a few ones not played live in a very long time such as Hollywood, Wake Up And Smell The Coffee or This Is The Day. Please note this is just a list of everything they’re trying in no particular order and some of these songs might not be included in the final set. Some more might be added as well. Definitely exciting!
What do you think?

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8 Responses to Mexico confirmed + The Cranberries rehearsal setlist (SPOIL!!!!!)

  1. Javier


    Goddamn it I’m happy.

  2. Andreacrans

    Ohoho! Nice list for sure but I still want Yellow Skies
    Well I still want the Free To Decide tour setlist we didn’t have in Europe back in ’96.
    I agree Hollywood is huh!!! Great. Hope that song will be on the definitive set

  3. Rev

    Pretty solid set list.

  4. Jorge

    Great list indeed. For my own I´d love to hear NewNew York and Stars again.
    Only had the chance to hear them live once in 2002… It’s a long time ago.
    Agree with you and hear Hollywood live again would be perfect.

  5. WarChild

    Out of the songs they’re rehearsing, this is my ideal setlist –
    Free To Decide
    Losing My Mind
    Loud and Clear
    I Can’t be with you
    Desperate Andy
    ——– (Long ending and intro for vocal rest/costume change)
    Wake Up and Smell The Coffee
    When You’re Gone
    Ridiculous Thoughts

    This is the Day
    No Need to Aurgue
    Just My Imagination

  6. Noah

    I am glad that Loud and Clear is back on the list, as well as Pretty. Wake Up and Smell The Cofffee and Hollywood seem like a good addition too. The catalogue maybe should get a bit edgier. Still I hope they will include more songs from Roses since it’s their last album and quiet magical in its execution. Astral Projections and Show Me should get into the list, as well as some B-sides from that period, like Someday or Perfect World. I don’t understand why they keep playing Desperate Andy, it sounds like a rip off of Iggy Pop’s Passenger and it’s not that good song after all.

    My ideal set list:

    1. Conduct
    2. Linger
    3. Animal Instinct
    4. I Can’t Be With You
    5. Stars
    6. Tomorrow
    7. When You’re Gone
    8. Pretty
    9. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
    10. Promises

    11. Waltzing Back
    12. Daffodil Lament
    13. Astral Projections
    14. Not Hollywood
    15. Loud and Clear
    16. Still Can’t…
    17. Ridiculous Thoughts
    18. Show Me
    19. Zombie


    20. Ode To My Family(extended version 2010)
    21. Shattered
    22. Roses
    23. Dreams


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