“No Need To Argue” CRANBERRY COLOR VINYL to be released on Sept.16

April 14, 2016  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Fun news today coming from Runt. The album No Need To Argue will be reissued again on September 16, 2016 in a cranberry vinyl version. Very collector!! 🙂
Like the other reissues last year (No Need To Argue and Bury The Hatchet on 180g vinyls) this LP will be released on Plain Label and can be pre-ordered online right now for $29.98 at Runt

No Need To Argue

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9 Responses to “No Need To Argue” CRANBERRY COLOR VINYL to be released on Sept.16

  1. Richard

    Feeling like they’re milking us with this one. They could at least include the bonus tracks from the complete sessions for the first time on a bonus LP.

    Hoping they get around to finally releasing Wake Up, and re-releasing Everybody and Departed. Also LP single sets would be awesome.

  2. astral

    Cool…..but i think The cranberries / Noel missed the chance to acquire the masters of their LP to re-mix them….so these reissue are just limited to a kind of REPRINT the music will be always the same…the only remastered CD are just the same but has a 2% peak volume higher than the original master nothing really different….

    I really dreamed that they had the chance to reMix the whole discography by Steven Street or either someone else…

    So sad they let destroy the masters 🙁

  3. astral

    I heard that a studio that owned loads of masters from some bands among The Cranberries were claiming The Cranberries to take their original masters within a particular date….they let the date pass on and as far as WE know they let the master go in the trash-bin putting our chance of every further project within the old material to a 0 point….

    so sad….if some knows different would be great but none is able to interact with Noel he still does not even reveal if a new Cranberries album is in the works… 🙁

  4. astral

    Yeah…we should hope for that….i personally think they really don’t care of old material…as they have always lived as old-style band so what’s done is done and they prefer to let the listeners in their old material as everyone has done with the Beatles not focusing on how old could look better but letting the old LP rules the whole career….so the chance in my opinion are really limited..

  5. Pretty good news. Some old stuff release again. Maybe a new album for the end of the year?

    • astral

      So your still ater the Cranberries? haven’t you fucked up zombieguide because Donfamularo wasn’t ok with the head?

    • Richard

      Astral, your thinking of someone else, Danny’s site was cranberries tap trader. The webmaster of zombieguide has moved on.


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