BREAKING: The Cranberries recording SOMETHING at the Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio?!

April 29, 2016  |  5 Comments  |  by Jury  |  The Cranberries

Last few days Noel has been posting new photos on The Cranberries’ new Instagram page. These photos feature Noel, Mike and Ferg in some large spaces with lots of musical instruments, headphones and microphones… as if the boys were recording something! Another photo shows a music sheet of Zombie. Some fans were speculating that these photos were part of a recording session.

And today we have another clue! A new photo on The Cranberries’ Instagram has a geotagging saying that it was taken at the Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio in Limerick! And Noel added the words: “One last take….” on his Twitter page.

As some fans may remember, on February 24th, Dolores told in the interview after the court sentencing that she’s about to release two records, one with D.A.R.K. and the other with… The Chamber Orchestra!

According to the Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio website, its “state-of-the-art space has been acoustically modelled to share the properties of the world’s finest concert halls” and it provides “rehearsal and recording facilities for the orchestra.”

So it seems like the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place: The Cranberries are indeed recording (or rehearsing?) something at the Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio, and so far it looks like something acoustic (lots of acoustic guitars and Fergal’s famous Empty drums on photos). So what is it? An acoustic best of album with orchestrated arrangements? Or just a rehearsal at fancy studio… but why so many microphones? Time will tell!

Anyway, these are very exciting news for The Cranberries fans, and we can’t wait to hear what are you thinking about this in our comments section!

Sources: The Cranberries Instagram, Noel Hogan’s Twitter

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5 Responses to BREAKING: The Cranberries recording SOMETHING at the Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio?!

  1. Marge

    Very interesting!!!!!
    And that’s why Dark is postponing album and concerts these days.
    Maybe Dolores is around with the boys now and not appearing on pics to create the surprise.
    I like the idea.

  2. Jorge

    For me it’s not rehearsals. Remember Noel said last week that was it for the rehearsal.
    The Crans were supposed to have a few weeks off before more rehearsals.
    And now they are in studio at the chamber orchestra studio during their “weeks off”!!?!?!
    For me it is the new Cranberries album with the chamber orchestra!!!!!!

  3. Creepita

    Not concert rehearsals. Not the same studio/garage where the band was rehearsing these past weeks. No Johanna or Mikkey on pictures. Who said no Dolores? Running joke as Dolores is often hiding. Ahhh Rock Stars.

    Indeed totally different project for me as well. The Cranberries new album, well probably!
    A greatest hits album revisited sauce orchestra. NICE!!!!!
    If so I hope The Cranberries will be touring with the Chamber Orchestra. It would be awesome, I remember Dolores with them on stage in 2013 NYE that was powerful.

  4. Astral06

    What if they are recording for they Anniversary? so they will re-arrange some of the success they have done during the years?

    Or maybe it’s also a TV show?


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