The Cranberries back in rehearsals, invite fans to join them and shed a light on D.A.R.K.’s tour postponement

May 15, 2016  |  6 Comments  |  by Camille  |  D.A.R.K., Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries

The band is back to the Limerick Chamber Orchestra studio this week so as to rehearse once more for the summer shows that will take place in Europe and Mexico.

This time, Dolores is rehearsing with the boys, Johanna and Mikey, as seen on the pictures Noel posted on the band’s Instagram account:

2016.05.14 icos1

Cool pic of Declan, the band’s backline tech!

2016.05.13 icos3

2016.05.13 icos2

2016.05.13 icos1

2016.05.14 icos4

Mike and the new guy Mikey Freedom Hart

These rehearsals are taking place as Dolores should have been starting touring Europe with her side project D.A.R.K.
A great opportunity for fans who were to fly to Limerick to attend D.A.R.K.’s first concert ever as a few of them were lucky enough to be invited by Dolores herself to attend The Cranberries rehearsals twice!

2016.05.14 icos3

From left to right, Noel, Voula, Litsa, Dolores, Dolores, Fergal, Mike

2016.05.14 icos2

Picture of the girls Noel posted on the band’s official Instagram account!

Congrats to Litsa (Greece), Voula (Greece) and Dolores (Croatia) who probably had the time of their life, enjoying a “private” concert, being offered setlists and taking pics with the band!

The girls used the occasion to question Dolores about D.A.R.K.’s tour postponement and learned that it was due to visa issues for their guitarist, which explains why fans got to learn about the rescheduled dates pretty late. The band is grateful, however, that fans are quite tolerant and not blaming them for this postponement.

Source: Thanks to Litsa who told us about this amazing experience, well done girls!

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6 Responses to The Cranberries back in rehearsals, invite fans to join them and shed a light on D.A.R.K.’s tour postponement

  1. Anon

    Did they ask about the upcoming album with the chamber orchestra? Thats what i wanna know!

  2. L.V.

    Yes they had the time of their life because became friends of them but the other who lost money and tickets because the canceled shows were not even conctacted to say sorry hey come to meet us in Ireland for a minute!
    I JUST SEE friends being invited repeatedly in some occasions….that’s it and good for them! i don’t think we will ever make it.

  3. deecret

    Are you sure so sure they know the band personally?
    I just see people who maybe were not able to refund their flight tickets and decided to go on trip anyway and had the chance of their life that The Cranberries were rehearsing with Dolores just at the same time.
    I am not jealous. I had the chance to have my money back and was able to cancel flights and hotel rooms so I decided to not go to Limerick. Ok when I see what finally happened that’s not a chance but this was impossible to know.
    Good for them I am not jealous, indeed I probably asked about the chamber orchestra album…

  4. Vanessa

    The group photo in front of drums is just perfect. Lucky girls!!!!!

  5. Warnerbros

    Visa issues my ass. I don’t believe this version at all. Why visa issues would impact album release as well?

    • Anon

      I dont believe that either. They should have had all of that taken care of BEFORE announcing the tour. Very unprofessional and disrespectful to fans. Somethings never change


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