The Cranberries European Summer Tour 2016 is about to start!

May 29, 2016  |  7 Comments  |  by Camille  |  The Cranberries

There a now five days left until the first concert of The Cranberries European Tour 2016 which will take place at the Arena Lublin, in Poland.

Walking through the streets of Lublin, Polish fans will probably notice that the Lublin Arena is doing last minute street marketing to promote the concert these days, as you can see on the below pics:

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On the band’s part, Noel posted two new rehearsals pics, mentioning these were the last days of rehearsals, along with a brand new poster of the tour and a pic of crew members’ tour books.



2016.05.27 crew tour book


Last, the Limerick Leader posted a cool article about the band’s comeback along with a small interview from Ken Coleman, the Irish digital media artist who took the recent photographs and video of the band posted on The Cranberries official social media accounts.

Ken explained:

They are all in different places at different times, so we had a very small window of opportunity to get it done on a Sunday evening.

We knocked it out in about an hour and a half; green screen, live video, and the stills from that last practice before they packed up.

I got a couple of shots of them and the video and you can see at the very end that they are having a good chat, they were laughing and joking amongst themselves.

What is exciting is the international reaction – the video had 300,000 hits in a day, the Instagram had 48,000 likes.

You guys better be ready for memorable tour!!!

Who’s going to see the band? đŸ˜‰

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7 Responses to The Cranberries European Summer Tour 2016 is about to start!

  1. Cordell

    Really want to see them in Barcelona, but it is sold out. If anyone has a spare ticket please get in touch…

  2. Badi

    I am not going anywhere but i’d like one of these memorabilia tshirt flyers and posters of lublin for sure!!!!!
    Great promo stuffs over there.

  3. Mac

    Me toooooo!!!!
    I want that mobile poster. Fun!

  4. Santos Hernandez

    when is the America tour?

  5. Volodymyr

    Lublin, get ready we are coming))

    • Myles

      Lucky you. Please take a lot of pictures for us. Remember it is the premiere in a long time. We need to see everything. Dolores and the Cranberries for sure but also the new stadium, the other bands playing, the public fans, posters, flags and more. EVERYTHING. We need to feel that we are with you even if 6000 km away!!!! The world counts on you.

  6. Katarina

    Well the guy who made this european tour poster must be fired. So many typo mistakes and only just 8 show. How possible. Shame. Festineauch, erde erdre, fete de bruit,.. Just like the lyrics inside booklet, always mistakes. I’ll never understand…
    Lucky us that photo is perfect!!!!!


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