The Cranberries live in concert at Arena Lublin, first photos/videos

June 3, 2016  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The very first show of The Cranberries in a long time started a few minutes ago.
Unfortunately the live streaming announced yesterday was a fake. (All YouTube and Prostreamy links). Even The band officially announced the event on their Facebook and got fooled. Incredible how many scammers there are for this show!

Anyway the only way to follow the concert if you are not in Lublin tonight is social medias like Instagram, Twitter or Periscope. Here below the first photos taken by people at the Arena today. Authors will be credited a little later. More photos and information will come as the evening progresses…

2016.06.03 LA1

2016.06.03 LA2

2016.06.03 LA3

Pierwsi fani już są!
Od 18:30 otwieramy bramy dla wszystkich sektorów!
Ojjjj będzie się działo! 😀
Koncert The Cranberries & Lao Che

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2016.06.03 LA4

2016.06.03 LA5

2016.06.03 LA6

2016.06.03 LAcrowd

2016.06.03 LA7

2016.06.03 LA8

2016.06.03 LA9

2016.06.03 LA10

2016.06.03 LA12

2016.06.03 LA13



(stay online 24h only!!)


2016.06.03 LA14

2016.06.03 LA15

2016.06.03 LA16

2016.06.03 LA17


The Cranberries już na scenie! <3 <3 <3

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KNOWN SETLIST so far, no particular order:
Analyse, Ode to My Family, Animal Instinct, Wanted, When You’re Gone, Just My Imagination, Conduct, Zombie, Empty, You and Me, Promises


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Empty • The Cranberries • #thecranberries #musicaholic #empty

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#thecranberries i #salvation. Było ogniście.

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#thecranberries #lublin

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2016.06.03 setlist


  1. Analyse
  2. Animal Instinct
  3. Wanted
  4. Linger
  5. When You’re Gone
  6. Dreaming My Dreams
  7. Just My Imagination
  8. Ode To My Family
  9. Loud And Clear
  10. Free To Decide
  11. I Can’t Be With You
  12. Conduct
  13. Desperate Andy
  14. Schizophrenic Playboys
  15. Salvation
  16. Ridiculous Thoughts
  17. Zombie
  18. Empty
  19. You And Me
  20. Promises
  21. Dreams


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7 Responses to The Cranberries live in concert at Arena Lublin, first photos/videos

  1. Patcran

    Very 2012 set!!

  2. Noah

    I agree with it. During the rehearsal, they announced somewhat different catalogue. But it seems the band wants to play from the comfort zone. Loud and Clear seems like a nice addition, but I think the performance of the song was less edgy than it should be.
    I still don’t understand why they play songs like “Analyse” or “Desperate Andy”, they are very generic, soulless. “Analyse” could have been easily replaced by “Tomorrow”, and “Desperate Andy” by “Show Me” or “Astral Projections”. “You and Me” and “Empty” in the encore could have been replaced by some other song.
    “Conduct” sound terrific live and it is aging very well. Eventually, it will wind up as one of the most appealing songs and definitely as The Cranberries classic.
    C’mon, lads, change the set-list next time. Let us hear “Hollywood”, “Wake Up and Smell The Coffee”. Maybe a new song soon. 🙂

  3. astral

    They keep playing always the same songs….i really don’t understand why they don’t want to pick some tracks that really have never been played or just few times….


  4. Kim

    Always the f*cking same songs! I’m tired of this!

  5. Asia

    Hey guyz,
    Maybe it was very 2012 setlist but I was pleased with it.
    Remember The Crans just came one time in Poland in 2012 and it was only Warszawa not even for the reunion tour. And before that it was Dolores in 2007. For the Crans I can’t even remember when was the last show before 2012. Or did I miss a show???
    So yes i was very pleased with a 2012 setlist like most of the fans that night at the arena
    A sort of best of set was very good.
    Maybe for those countries where the band goes very often like france spain or italy these fans wanted a bit for a change but for us polish fans it was perfect.
    Maybe when the band will come to those countries next weeks they will change the setlist but for us that was damn good. Thank you Cranberries.


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