Next Cranberries concert: schedule revealed

June 16, 2016  |  11 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The next Cranberries concert will take place in France at “La Nuit de l’Erdre” on July 1st.
The schedules were recently revealed on the website and all the social medias of the festival.
The Cranberries will play a 1h30 show starting at 10:40 PM

2016.07.01 schedules

Like Festi’Neuch in Switzerland and Festival Jardins Pedralbes in Spain, this festival is sold out!

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11 Responses to Next Cranberries concert: schedule revealed

  1. Bidi

    L.E.J + Frero Delavega.

    GOOD LUCK to those who will wait for the band at the front…

  2. Hey. We got a push message on Facebook from l’Olympia in Paris saying “Cranberries”, but when we clicked the message it seemed to have been deleted. Does anyone know if the band is planning a gig there, and when?

    • Axl

      Never heard about that before, if true it is a major news!!! Meaning the band is planning another tour later this year or next. This is possible!

    • Just checked Olympias website, and there’s nothing on for June 29 and 30. If they are playing Nantes on July 1st, maybe they will do a gig in Paris first? Would be cool.

    • Axl

      there is no Paris for this Cranberries leg.
      The only concert in Paris this year concerns Dolores playing with DARK on September at divan du monde.

    • Axl

      Or you mean a secret gig… would be cool!

    • All we could see was the word “Cranberries”. There was no date. So guessing June 29/30 is based on the band playing in France one/two days later. As mentioned, the message seemed to have been deleted at the same moment it was posted. We still have the notification in our facebooks notification list, but it’s completely stripped of any information. If we could attach files here we would post a screenshot to prove we didn’t dream this up 😉

  3. Yes maybe a secret gig. Who knows. At least it looks like Olympia was not supposed to have published that post, because it was gone when we clicked the pop up appearing on screen. Still got the notification in our facebook’s notification list though, but it’s completely empty and not containing any information.

    • sorry for double posts. the first one didn’t appear, so wrote a new one…

    • Axl

      I believe you no worries! those kind of things happen sometimes. Is it a mistake from the Olympia or is it real, time will tell.
      thanks for the info, if there is something about that our team will let you know for sure.

    • Axl

      Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the messages to appear, especially when there are a lot of messages by the same author at the same time.


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