“Science Agrees” pushed back to September… (UPDATED)

June 17, 2016  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  D.A.R.K.

It seems the D.A.R.K.’s debut album “Science Agrees” has been delayed again… As seen in the last lines of the news yesterday the new release date is now set for September 9th in the USA.
An article on the US website Readjunk.com already talked about that last week.

Science Agrees

Also last week an article on RockChickenz.com announced the album for September 9th. The website/blog is based in Ireland so the release date announced in the article should concern Ireland (?).

And today another clue, the record shop Fnac in France and Belgium is now announcing the album for “September 2016”. This probably means the new release date for the whole Europe might be September 2016… and probably the 9th (or close) even if that information is not officially mentionned yet.

If USA and Europe have a new release date for September, there is a good chance that the new release date for the world is September as well. The album was originally planned for May 27th then delayed to August 19th and now delayed again to September… let’s hope this one is the right one!

UPDATE – June 23
“Science Agrees” delayed to September 9th on Amazon Germany and Amazon Italy today.
September 9th is on the way to be the new worldwide release date!

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4 Responses to “Science Agrees” pushed back to September… (UPDATED)


    Oh no, again!

  2. Volodymyr

    Well, they made a mistake announcing album release date, they should have used their favourite “soon” or “very soon” ))

  3. diana

    It seems a piss take to me. What about who pre-ordered (and obviously already paid for) the album?? Shame on everybody involved in these postponements.. band, record company, anyone really! I’m pretty upset this time around.
    I’m sure tour will be canceled and not a gig will take place!


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