Concert Live: 2 new Cranberries items for sale

June 27, 2016  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Concert Live again and again and again, you know those who recorded a few concerts of The Cranberries in 2010 & 2012, oh yes.. sure you know… well, they are now selling 2 new items.

First item and after the “success” of their first soundwave poster based on “Linger”, they are now offering a 2nd poster based on the track “Zombie”.
Still 25 copies, numbered, framed and mounted.
Price £22.99

2016.06.27 CL zombie soundwave poster

Second item is a 12″ vinyl wall clock featuring artwork from the 2010 tour.
limited to 50 copies, numbered as well.
Estimated dispatch date: July 12
Price £20.00

2016.06.27 CL vinyl clock

And for tomorrow (Tuesday 28) Concert Live just announced a special offer starting at 9:00 AM.
See the ad below:

2016.06.27 CL tomorrow

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3 Responses to Concert Live: 2 new Cranberries items for sale

  1. Frances

    Concert Live is so funny or pathetic. They’re announcing limited to 25 and their image shows 1 to 20. Always mistake. Each time. They should fire the guy making their website.

  2. L.V.

    It’s ridicolous! They always try to sell the same concert and tracks again and again….

  3. Richard

    They are milking us. I refuse to double dip. I won’t be getting any of the “Greatest Hit’s” I got the first ultimate box because I was missing 4 out of the 5 concerts in it. I skipped the second box because I had all 4.

    I like the sound wave posters, and the vinyl single looks pretty cool. I’m skipping the clock unless the price drops.


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