3 new promo videos for D.A.R.K.’s upcoming concerts

July 11, 2016  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  D.A.R.K.

Quite a busy period these last days for Cranberries fans who do not know which way to turn: while the band is still touring Europe on their “Summer Tour 2016”, D.A.R.K. released 3 new videos to promote their upcoming September gigs in Europe.

You can check below these 3 videos published on 3 different medias, one for the Paris show on Vimeo (which for unknown reason became private, so we re-uploaded it on our YouTube account), one for the London show on Instagram and one for the Madrid show on Facebook.
Will there be more of these exciting videos to come?


¡Hola Madrid! El 27 de septiembre presentamos los temas de nuestro primer álbum “Science Agrees” en la sala Caracol. ¡No faltéis!
Consigue ya tus entradas en http://bit.ly/entradasDARK

Posted by DARK on Monday, 11 July 2016


What’s even more interesting is that, if you can hear some bits of “The Moon” on the Paris video, some fans noticed that the backing tracks on the other two videos (London & Madrid) are extracts from songs that actually do not appear on D.A.R.K.’s debut album as we know it!!

For those who would like to investigate on this, you might remember that all 10 tracks of “Science Agrees” are available as preview on Shazam as reported before.

It is definitely worth wondering what these new tracks are: unreleased tracks? hidden tracks on the album? or maybe the reason why the album was delayed to September 9th as the band might have chosen to change the tracklist at the very last minute?
Time will tell…

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4 Responses to 3 new promo videos for D.A.R.K.’s upcoming concerts

  1. Richard

    Extended track list would be amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed. I haven’t listened to the previews enough to notice if they are all new tracks. Is it possible these new clips are just different parts of the songs than the previews we’ve heard?

    Also, anyone else notice Gunfight will be available as a free download next week? Woo hoo!

    • Webmaster

      True Richard, could be different parts of the songs although we have to confess we were lucky enough to give Science Agrees a full listen and can thus confirm these pieces of songs are nowhere to be heard 😉

      Thanks for the Gunfight news, where will this be available as free download ?

    • Richard

      I sweet, the thought that some have heard more of the album crossed my mind as well. Glad to see they haven’t leaked (at least to the masses).

      It’s listed in the official store/pledge music page under downloads.

  2. Piotr

    Oh yes richard that’s true my friend from poland gave me the album to listen and these songs are not on it. Absolutely true!


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