On why “Science Agrees” release was postponed twice…

July 20, 2016  |  4 Comments  |  by Camille  |  D.A.R.K., Dolores O'Riordan

As you may know, the third track of Science Agrees, Gunfight, was officially released today as a free download for fans who had preordered the album on Pledge Music.
Like many, we enthusiastically waited for midnight to give this track a listen and found out that mix and lyrics actually differ from the 30-second-extract of the song that was published on Shazam mid may!

Indeed, what we will now call an alternative version featured the following line:

“This love life is doing me harm”

whereas we can obviously hear the below words on the official release today:

“This love life, lost in your arms”


This interesting change leads us to ponder over the reason that triggered two postponements of the album release date: has the album undergone changes since?

We believe it’s worth considering such theory, especially as, as noted recently, two unknown tracks which are NOT part of the tracklist that was revealed in May have been used by the band in videos made to promote the upcoming European shows.

Are we to expect a new tracklist and different versions of the songs that were sent to journalists in May?
Time will tell, but this is definitely exciting!


EDIT: SEP.09, 2016
Lyrics above were just an attempt before the album was officially released. Now the album is out and the official lyrics say: “You know I can’t sleep” and not “Now”

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4 Responses to On why “Science Agrees” release was postponed twice…

  1. Victor

    So exciting!!!!

  2. Arnaud

    What about iTunes ?!… No Gunfight available yet

    • Axl

      Indeed Arnaud no iTunes or other streaming platforms like Spotify or Deezer for now. This download is exclusively for those who pre-ordered the album (£8)

  3. Axl

    It’s on pledgemusic exclusively
    You can still pre-order today if you want, it’s not too late!
    Preorders are still available for 30 days to this day, here is the link:
    No matter what you’d like to preorder, CD LP (signed or not) mp3 or flac it automatically gives you access to gunfight DL


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