The Cranberries “5 Classic Albums”: first pictures

October 10, 2016  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The box set is quite flat, like a single CD and contains the first 5 albums of the band in their classic versions and not “The Complete Sessions” (as far as the first 4 albums are concerned). All is thin cardboard made, the box itself and the 5 album sleeves inside. Only the CD’s got a new and different artwork. No booklet nor lyrics here.








One of our readers Ricardo, thanks to him, noticed a big mistake concerning the album “Wake Up”.
Indeed the back cover of the album inside is announcing 16 tracks (13 + 3 bonus tracks) when the back cover of the box set is announcing only 13.
“Wake Up” would be the only album with bonus tracks? How weird!
The only solution to know the truth was to check the CD itself… and unfortunately there’s no B-sides nor hidden tracks. Only the 13 classic tracks and the CD ends with “Chocolate Brown”.
This is definitely the 5 classic albums!

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3 Responses to The Cranberries “5 Classic Albums”: first pictures

  1. Tommyboy

    What a shame and disappointment they should’ve included the complete sessions and even some rarities and b-sides even some live performances maybe some unreleased tracks that would’ve been awesome and when u put out a box set like this that’s how it should b done just like Tori Amos’s box set Amazing by the way Pat Benatars box set Nirvanas box set all amazing and all included b-sides, rarities, unreleased tracks and even live performances they could’ve done alot better with this and I can’t believe The Cranberries approved this release…sorry to say but I won’t b buying it bc I already have them all and in there complete sessions form…what a waste of time and of whoever worked on this release their gonna lose alot of money bc not alot of fans r gonna buy this and y should they I’m sure they already have them all and thensome!!!

    • Axl

      You can sure see things that way and you probably are right but if there were bsides live tracks etc, like you describe, the box set would not be called the classic albums.
      Those kind of boxsets are not necessary for big fans and more for general masses, you know… when you have all the albums for the price of one.

  2. Tip

    As far as i know they don’t care at all regarding these things…they have been turned down probably by a bad management which hasn’t advise them on remixing or anything new…so they actually don’t care to follow fans request or something specific they always says if our people follow us that’s great otherwise we don’t care we follow our roots….nowadays where artist HAVE to give 101% to fans this appear to be really a shame and a signal that nothing matters to them.
    What i would be interested now is to see 2-3-4-5 new albums from them so a total new carreer as if they would start from zero….
    Maybe a new management would really benefit as they are still very young and still could have a future in the music but only if they will and wants to proceed otherwise it will always be an album each 10 years and some few live dates WITH ALWAYS THE SAME SETLIST REPEAT OVER AND OVER GIG AFTER GIG.


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