(SPOIL) Possible setlist for the next Cranberries show in Lima, Peru

November 29, 2016  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Do not read below if you don’t wanna be spoiled as this is possibly the setlist for the next Cranberries show in Lima, Peru. The source comes from Johanna (back vocals) who posted on her Instagram (Story) account a short video filmed during the Cranberries rehearsals yesterday at the Irish Chamber Orchestra Studio in Limerick. At the very end of the video appears the setlist and The Cranberries Brasil did a screen capture below, so thanks to them for noticing!
For those who don’t necessarily follow The Cranberries on social medias everyday, you have to know that the whole band -including Dolores- has been rehearsing in Limerick for over a week now for the upcoming show in Peru next month. You can find a few pictures of these rehearsals on The Cranberries Instagram account.

Setlist off Johanna’s video:


For those who can’t read:

When You Gone
Dreaming My Dreams
Just My Imagination
Loud And Clear
Free To Decide
Can’t Be With You
Desperate Andy

You And Me


Well, this is not really a proper spoil as this is the same set as the European shows this summer. Fans in Peru probably won’t be disappointed as they haven’t seen the band live for almost 7 years. Remember that The Cranberries didn’t visit the South American continent with their Roses Tour and the last time the band played in Lima was during the Reunion Tour in February 2010. This setlist will probably look fresh for all the fans over there.

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4 Responses to (SPOIL) Possible setlist for the next Cranberries show in Lima, Peru

  1. Mary

    Well you should say spoil for Peru AND Mexico

  2. emerald

    it’s a spoil of a lifetime as you know better than anyone that they always play almost the same setlist in YEARS…you could bet 100,000 euros and won they will never change the setlist…for example,

    Dying in the sun
    icicle melts
    so cold in ireland
    forever yellow sky


    noone in generations of fans….

    • Sander

      They did do those songs live except for Cordell which I have never seen on a setlist

      It’s Obvious they Always go for a ‘sensational’ greatest hits setlist, but it’s very boring and must be straining for Dolores voice with all those heavy rock songs.

  3. maxahasveros

    I think the great thing about this set list is that, though The Cranberries has a solid base of fans who are regular on their shows, many people who couldn’t attend their concert before will come and they deserve to hear the most memorable songs. On the other hand, I must agree set list should be changed more often. The Cranberries is a band with a seriously good catalog, and they should revive some of the songs. What about “Pretty”, song that used to be regular on their shows, sublime, exotic, marvelous played live? What about “Hollywood”, a wonderwall of sound, or “Cordell”? Now that they have Cranich as backing vocal it can be played beautifully… What about the rage and sharpness of “Delilah”? What about legendary song “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” that aged so well and became one of the most memorable Cranberries songs? What about “Stars”, melodic and catchy song, with Suede-like guitar riffs? Finally, what about “Roses” songs? I know some of the fans weren’t amazed by this album, since there’s nothing too groundbreaking in it, but I still listen to this, imho, very fine album. “Show Me”, “Astral Projections”, “Roses”, classic Cranberries songs which can be very good addition to their catalog.


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