Pledge Music – from disappointment to disappointment…

November 30, 2016  |  8 Comments  |  by Camille  |  D.A.R.K., Dolores O'Riordan

What a very disappointing news for fans who had ordered D.A.R.K.’s “Science Agrees” Screen Print on Pledge Music almost 8 months ago now: the platform is about to refund fans as “unfortunately, not enough orders were placed to meet the requirements for a minimum run to be manufactured

What’s all the more unsatisfying is that -once again- Pledge Music failed to inform fans about it (and to proceed to refunds). Cranberries World’s team got to learn about it today through a fan who emailed Pledge Music to complain as he had still not received the ordered items.
Quite unprofessional taking into account orders have been closed since September 9th… time to realize “not enough orders were placed” on November 30th !!!
They let the fan know they “will therefore be refunding [him] for this item” and “are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will process [his] refund ASAP.”

Not to mention that this is another loss of money for foreign fans who bought this signed screen print in March when British pound was rather high, and who are going to be refunded now the pound has significantly decreased. Thank you Pledge, thank you Brexit!

Although we’re really excited about the signed vinyl -especially as Olé is treating fans with cool messages as you can see on the below pictures- we have to emphasize Pledge Music’s lame services: release date postponed three times, fans pre-ordered items damaged in the process of delivery, finally delivered almost three months after general sale…

This excellent album has been cursed, to say the least 🙁

Signed LP’s now on their way… and some of them have (already) arrived:


credit: marcantoinepanda Instagram


credit: cehooperradio Instagram

Here’s the Pledge Music message as received:

Thank you for your patience waiting for your Signed Screen Print from D.A.R.K.
Unfortunately, not enough orders were placed to meet the requirements for a minimum run to be manufactured and we will therefore be refunding you for this item. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will process your refund ASAP.
If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team via your order here –
Kind regards,
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8 Responses to Pledge Music – from disappointment to disappointment…

  1. Mariana

    And don’t you think this whole project could be described as cursed.
    How about their tour postponed then cancelled and nothing announced since.
    Total shame as I am one of those who think this album is indeed excellent. I am listening to it at least one or two times a day and I can’t wait to see the band live in concert.

  2. emerald

    BREXIT IS NOT EVEN STARTED and here we go the first disappointment….by february/march 2017 Sterlin will worth less than a cleanex!

  3. Richard

    Has anyone got their refund yet? I can honestly understand not putting these in production because of low sales, it sucks, but it makes sense. I think it’s ridiculous that they didn’t tell us about the cancellation months ago and refunded our money straight away.

    Here’s my other issue, I received an e-mail about this from pledge music on November 30th (supposedly after another user e-mailed to ask what was going on with the screen prints). My order page says that the refund was credited to my card on the November 16th (!?!?). I look on my card and nothing… not on the 30th, the 16th or anytime else. Than I remember that I had to shut the card I used to pay for it down in March because someone stole my card number and went on a shopping spree at Aventura Mall. (Don’t worry, Visa refunded the nearly $5000 that POS stole).

    E-mailed pledge music about this yesterday morning and no response. I start to worry if I don’t receive a response from a company within 24 hours. Looks like I’m already going to lose out about $2-$3 because of the exchange rate change, but I’m starting to worry that they might get screwed out of the entire amount.

    • Webmaster

      Hi Richard,

      Totally agree!

      FYI two members of the CW team were refunded on Nov 30th via their Paypal account.

      From our experience, do not expect feedback from Pledge within 24 hours, last time they answered one of us, it took them 3 days…

      Keep us updated so we can all complain together if this goes wrong.

    • Richard

      I got my refund. It went unto my new card. I guess it was still pending on Friday.

      Just waiting on my signed vinyl now. My CD didn’t have a Ole message so I’m hoping for something cool on the vinyl.

  4. Tom

    I am in Germany and got my vinyl album today in good shape (back cover has some marks).
    It seems that Olé is writing individual messages on each album – not bad.

    • Axl

      Great news!! if you’d like to share a picture somewhere on the internet, don’t hesitate, we sure will insert it on this post or retweet it or re-instagram it, re-facebook it or whatever.


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