Landerneau: another Cranberries show announced in France

February 7, 2017  |  5 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Not a surprise for this one, The Cranberries will play festival “Fête du Bruit dans Landerneau” in Landerneau, France on August 11, 2017.
As you may remember, The Cranberries had to cancel their show last year and the promoter wanted to have them back.

This show deserves a separate news mostly because tickets are not sold through the French promoter’s website (yet?) and is not presented as an acoustic performance like the May/June tour. The artwork does not include any violin. Same thing for the very first show that appeared online last week in Marbella, Spain: it is unclear whether or not these shows are part of the acoustic tour, but we have reasons to think they are not.
So… what’s your opinion? Do you believe these 2 shows are gonna be acoustic with the string quartet or electric ones?

Tickets on sale now. €38.30 / €46.30


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5 Responses to Landerneau: another Cranberries show announced in France

  1. Maureen

    If this could be true. 2 electric shows and not a boring unplugged month of august. If electric I wanna go.

  2. Piotr

    Regarding to this I’d say electric indeed for these shows. Which is kinda cool if you have the chance to see one acoustic show and one electric show in the same year. How perfect !??!! If only they could come to Eastern Europe more often.

  3. Dolitsa

    Mike Hogan answered to my question about Marbella show…that will be acoustic.

    • Axl

      OK thanks for the information.
      If Marbella is acoustic, this one shouldn’t be different then.

    • Jony

      Hey Dolitsa,
      Did you ask Mike for “spain” or exactly “Marbella” ´cos if you just asked for Spain then maybe he was thinking of barcelona and madrid.
      I don’t see july/august festivals as acoustic. And I hope they won’t be acoustic. It just can’t. Maybe I’m wrong but so do Mike!


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