“Something Else” The Cranberries new album out April 28th (UPDATED 4x)

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Finally, the new Cranberries album is almost here!
Release date: April 28, 2017


  1. Linger (Acoustic Version)
  2. The Glory
  3. Dreams (Acoustic Version)
  4. When You’re Gone (Acoustic Version)
  5. Zombie (Acoustic Version)
  6. Ridiculous Thoughts (Acoustic Version)
  7. Rupture
  8. Ode To My Family (Acoustic Version)
  9. Free To Decide (Acoustic Version)
  10. Just My Imagination (Acoustic Version)
  11. Animal Instinct (Acoustic Version)
  12. You And Me (Acoustic Version)
  13. Why

The new songs thus are “The Glory”, “Rupture” and “Why”.
As for the cover art, it looks very familiar although it’s not exactly the photo expected and mentioned by the band on stage in Mexico last February… maybe it will feature inside booklet!

Special thanks to Cranberryesque for noticing
Source: Record Bird

UPDATE – 2:45 PM (UTC)

The Cranberries just updated their profile pic on their Twitter account.
This picture was taken in the lobby of the Moon Palace Arena in Cancún, Mexico on February 11, 2017.
How cool!!
Thanks to Dan Steward on Twitter for noticing.

UPDATE – 3:50 PM (UTC)

The band now updated all their profiles everywhere, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
Even the official website.
Here is their new Facebook banner:

And there are some signed products available to pre-order from The Cranberries official store: https://cranberries.lnk.to/store

UPDATE – 4:55 PM (UTC)

Facebook user Victor M Gonzalez Becerra shared a great behind the scenes picture from the photo shoot (Feb.11, 2017) at Moon Palace Arena in Cancún:


The French website Stars Are Underground published today an article to promote the new album and the French concerts. The interesting part features an exclusive new picture of The Cranberries on the sofa. Unfortunately the photo is rather low quality:

On Twitter a famous French radio host named Georges Lang posted the same picture with a wider view and better quality 🙂

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13 Responses to “Something Else” The Cranberries new album out April 28th (UPDATED 4x)

  1. Lisa

    If the 2nd pic is certified taken in cancun then there is good chance the album cover was taken in cancun too. Right?

  2. RAUL

    Is the cover like a tribute to the No need to argue cover? Anyway…..Soo exited!!

  3. François

    Un peu déçu par le choix des anciennes chansons (j’aurais bien aimé ‘Shattered’, ‘Empty’ ou ‘Dreaming my Dreams’) mais très impatient d’entendre les 3 nouveaux titres.

  4. Emer

    just my immagination and you and me are a huge fault..they should have putted different songs as shattered or can’t be with you or waltzing back…

  5. noah

    I was never a huge fan of You and Me and Just My Imagination songs. But I’m looking forward to hear them in the new clothes.

  6. MB

    I love the cover! No Need To Argue and Everybody Else (Something Else, get it? Har, har…) in one album, that’s pretty awesome.

    HOWEVER. The album really has to start with… Linger? -___- No offense, but I’m really sick of all these damn Lingers. How many versions are there, 100? Not a fan of acoustic versions of ANYTHING, either. Really.

    Okay, I’m done now. Sorry. XD Looking forward to it anyway, even if it’s just for the cover. XD

    • Maddy

      Me too I am done with linger again and again but no doubt it is exactly what the main audience wants. I would have preferred to listen to so cold in ireland with an orchestra especially when it is an irish orchestra but the band chose another way. The nostalgic way. Commercial success garantee. A bit sad but for sure a great cover and title and I will buy it as well.

    • RAUL

      OMG so cold in Ireland, yes!! That would be awesome. I understand that they go for the sure thing and chose what most people want to hear, but there are many other great songs they could have rescued.

  7. noah

    It’s OK, the completely new album is on the way, and hopefully it will come soon. In the meantime, it’s good to have all those great songs wrapped in hopefully! essentially new clothes.

  8. Anon

    Anyone know when the new single “why” will be released?

    • Axl

      Nothing’s announced yet.
      Last rumor says the first single might be Linger instead of Why, as yesterday Linger acoustic version leaked on one specific streaming platform for a few hours!


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