Linger (Acoustic Version) Premiere

March 14, 2017  |  12 Comments  |  by Jury  |  The Cranberries

The new version of Linger taken from the upcoming acoustic album “Something Else” recorded with The Irish Chamber Orchestra is premiering today on in partnership with Vevo.
The Cranberries just posted the link a few hours ago on their socials.
A real exclusive where fans can hear for the very first time how the album is gonna sound.
So, Listen to Linger  “in new clothes” (as the band likes to say in their press-releases)


First thing to notice, this is completely new version with orchestral rendition and a new recording of Dolores’ voice. This is not the 1993 vocals, an important detail as a few fans were wondering if Dolores had gone back to studios or not for this album.
Dolores’ vocal sounds very pure and natural – no backing vocals at all! It’s like she is sitting with you in the same room. As for the lads’ accompaniment with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, it sounds very elegant and high class.

Second thing, Linger is the first song unveiled, though it does not necessary mean it is the first single. Remember the press conference in Cancun, Mexico last Frebruary where Dolores said “Why” would be the first single and a video would be filmed in Europe.
Also, the different press releases sent worldwide are announcing “Why” as a single that is soon going to be available digitally.

Is this a last minute change to privilege nostalgia and put an old classic song forward? It does look like this is the band’s choice, as shown by the artwork of Something Else. In this perspective, Linger definitely sounds like the best choice for a first single!
Anyway there’s a good chance the band will play those 2 songs next week on French TV show Taratata and during the other promo appearances. We’ll thus get to know more very soon!

Last thing to note on this great and exclusive Rolling Stones article: two brand new promo pictures were published. A sofa-pose picture -almost the same as the one on the cover of the new album- can be seen in the background of their Vevo video as well as a picture posted in the article where the band is standing on the Mexican streets. Awesome!

On a funny note, let’s last emphasize that the band updated their website, introducing “Something Else” as “Something Different”… Looks like a mistake, or maybe that was the original name before they decided to change it into Something Else.

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12 Responses to Linger (Acoustic Version) Premiere

  1. Xander21

    it’s ok but vocally not that impressive

  2. François

    It is not that different from the original, which is a good thing I think.
    The instrumentation is beautiful and Dolores’s voice is incredibly pure.
    If all the tracks are as good as this one, I might love this album more than ‘Roses’.

  3. Kirk

    I think I like it very much. Indeed she is sitting in your room like you say but isn’t it a bit too mellow for live concerts. 90 minutes like that might be a little boring neah?
    Fucking great pics by the way!!!

  4. Anon

    Its good, but it doesnt stand out really. I wish she did record backing vocals for this actually.
    Its kind of bland. Good, but not great.

  5. Noah

    I am not impressed. The original version is much more lush and delicate. The orchestral version is good, but vocal delivery is too predictable, bland and simply not magical. Shame.

  6. MB

    I agree with Noah.

    Also, what’s with her voice? It sounds weird and forced. All in all, thanks but no thanks. -__-

  7. maw_2k

    I think the acoustic is beautiful. She has no doubt aged, but with her age comes a certain grace and style that is wonderful in its own way. Its not the original Linger, that’s for sure, but to me that only makes it better. The fact that the band is nearly 27 years old and still producing music makes my day.

  8. Benjamin

    Sounds more like a country song now. Very direct vocal. Not bad, just different–which I suppose was the point. Would have liked to see a wee bit more passion in the delivery. I’ll be curious to hear the rest though!

  9. Mike Sniadecki

    Beautifully done love the sound! Can’t wait for the album and Dolores vocals are great it’s intimate Always been a fan! Still my favorite band

  10. RAUL

    Why is everybody so surprised? Of course it’s not going to sound like 25 years ago…Her voice is not the same and the music style is different but that’s ok, that’s the interesting thing. I’m just happy they are still on active and recorded all those songs again after all this time.

  11. camo

    it is just ok not even as good as Mtvunplugged , what happened to dolores s angelic moaning in the end ?

  12. Luis

    Why this sound like a live stuff?


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