“Why” on the radio next March 24th

March 16, 2017  |  10 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

According to an article published earlier today on the Italian website Ansa, “Why” will be the first single coming from the album “Something Else” and will make its debut on the radio on March 24.

There is no more details in the article but the information is probably true.
In their press release the band already announced the single “Why” as soon going to be available digitally without exact release date. Now we have one (at least for Italy)

Thanks to Ricardo Cesar for the information.

Also today, The Cranberries published on their Facebook account a short message to tell Linger (Acoustic Version) was now instantly available if you pre-order Something Else on iTunes.
[The song is now also available on major streaming platforms].
And to promote this, the band posted a short video with images recently recorded during their rehearsals in Limerick and featuring Linger (instrumental version) as soundtrack. How cool!

The Cranberries – Linger (Taken from 'Something Else')

“Linger” is now instantly available if you pre-order “Something Else” on iTunes. This is is the first of many tracks we’ve revisited with the Irish Chamber Orchestra. https://cranberries.lnk.to/SEFA

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10 Responses to “Why” on the radio next March 24th

  1. Anon


  2. Somebody

    It leaked a few hours ago…


    • Anon

      Thanks for the link! Overall i do like the song. Its not their best song
      And im not sure if it should be a single, but i still think its a great song.
      Its classic cranberries with a bit of a new sound.

    • Axl

      Indeed, it seems the song Why leaked earlier today.

  3. RAUL

    Really liked the song!

  4. Anon

    Oh no, the audio wont play on that link anymore. Does anyone
    Have another link we can listen to on?

  5. Emer

    i can’t listen please upload it somewhere else!!

  6. Anon

    Does anyone know what dolores is whispering in the post-chorus?
    It sounds like “damn me”, “tell me”, or “daddy”?
    I also love the first single for this album is dark unlike tomorrow from roses which is more upbeat.
    Love the strings and the beautiful, haunting yodels at the end. Wish there was more
    Vocal layering throughout the song.


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