“Why” world premiere on BBC Radio 2 today (UPDATED)

March 21, 2017  |  15 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries announced this morning on their socials the first play of their brand new track “Why” with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 (England).
As you probably all know, “Why” leaked last Friday and there’s a good chance you already heard the song before. Anyway this is the official premiere today.

…Now the song just aired and as the website Cranberryesque perfectly reported:
“It is a radio edit (as the song clocks in at over 5 minutes) much more compact with a little more production. Most of the intro is gone and it ends with Dolores’ voice.”

Very interesting different version! (3:23)

LISTEN HERE (starts at 48:52)

The Cranberries uploaded today the radio edit version to youtube.
On the other hand, the long version (the album version) is also available today on digital platforms.
Cranberries World updated the WHY song page with lyrics of both versions!

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15 Responses to “Why” world premiere on BBC Radio 2 today (UPDATED)

  1. Parcimadolly

    They lost the final part which in my opinion is totally the best part. Definitely Radios suck.
    For just 1 second over the clock. Ridiculous!
    Long live to leaks.

  2. Jury

    Radio edit sounds very cool and different! Nice to have another version of this amazing song. I hope they’ll release radio edit on promo CDs

  3. Noah

    I usually don’t like radio edits, but this one is exceptional!

  4. Anon

    Radio edit is so miuch better with the drums and extra yodels. Wish that was included on the album

  5. Noah

    I have a feeling this is going to be the band’s most successful single in 21st century.

  6. Dan Steward

    On multiple closer listens, a lot of it is different; bass, drums, strings, production, arrangement. I even think I can hear brass instruments (horns maybe) towards the end. I’m pretty sure this is a radio remix done by a different producer or remixer who has added a lot of extra parts. Not that I’m complaining. I love this version. Hope they use it for the video, and I hope the radio remix gets a full digital and physical release too

  7. viktor

    i love this version, it’s perfect as a single

  8. Daddy Tjeuw

    im dying to hear the leaked version. can somebody give me the link or email me? thanks a lot in advance. VIVA THE CRANBERRIES from JAKARTA, INDONESIA

  9. Tell me!

    Weird that they made this radio edit, which i love, but there
    Is nowhere to purchase it. You can only listen on youtube.
    It should be released on the album or as a seperate single.

  10. Alister

    So much better than the ITunes version that we currently have! I love it!

  11. Benjamin

    Yes the radio version is better I think–it’s too simple of a song to to go for five minutes.
    I love them but gosh I wish she would sing about more than “waiting” (I felt like all of “Roses” was about waiting) and attempt something a little more complex. The lyrics are overly short, simple, and repetitive. Simple can be ok but too much and it turns simplistic. The songs need more interest–and I find the ‘berries interesting! And I know she can do it when she puts her mind to it.
    She does sound lovely in it, though.


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