The Cranberries to announce US Tour dates next week

April 5, 2017  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries will tour USA starting mid-September. Exact dates will be announced next week. This is great news first reported by the website Cranberryesque:

Dolores and Noel called in to a Chicago radio station this morning and revealed that they will be announcing US tour dates in the next week! Noel said about 18 dates! OMG please come to Florida, it’s been 15 years!! (f-it, I’m seeing them no matter what this time – anywhere on the East Coast, I’ll be there!).

Listen for yourself Here. US tour talk starts about 4:20.

Save the date: another radio interview is scheduled next Monday morning at 9:40 on kvpifm

Dolores and Noel arrived in New York City yesterday to promote the album “Something Else” in the US and a few pictures with journalists appeared shortly after:

with Rachel Brodsky, Paste Magazine

“Debatable” radio show, SiriusXM

with Melissa Stokoski, John Fugelsang and Franck Conniff
“Tell Me Everything” radio show,  SiriusXM

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4 Responses to The Cranberries to announce US Tour dates next week

  1. Laurie

    Oh Oh Oh……….. come to New Jersey, New York or Philadelphia, I will be at all of them!

  2. Melissa Fischer

    Please come to Virginia….Dolores please read your FB messages. I would appreciate it very much. Love to see u guys before getting worse health wise. Mel (Melissa)

    • Webmaster

      Hi Melissa,

      I’m afraid we’re only a fansite made by fans, for fans, so Dolores ain’t gotta read this.
      In addition, she’s never really been into social media so one can’t really expect her to read her FB messages.

      As a consequence, if you wanna reach the band’s management, we strongly advise to use the official website’s contact page :


  3. Tommyboy

    Yes please come to NJ, NY or Philadelphia I will definitely b at all of them!!! Or atleast whichever one they come too!!! Last time during the Roses Tour they cancelled on Philly twice they rescheduled the original date and then cancelled on the make up date….so hopefully Philly gets to see them this time around and my 19 Year old daughter this will b her first Cranberries show we were gonna see them in Philly during the Roses Tour but bc of the cancellations she missed it so when she hears about this she’s gonna go crazy!!!


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