Blast from the past: The Cranberries at CORK ROCK 91 (UPDATED)

April 14, 2017  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Next Monday at 8pm the Irish radio RTE2fm will broadcast a documentary about Cork Rock 91 which was a three/four days annual event where The Cranberries appeared on the 1st June 1991.

Held at “Sir Henry’s” in Cork it was definitely The Cranberries early years. Dolores was reviewed in a press article as “the most beautiful pop-girl you’ll hear all year”. Exact setlist is unknown but a few songs played that night are known: Uncertain, Nothing Left At All, Put Me Down, Linger, Dreams.

Photos by Siobhan O’Mahony

The great website The Fanning Sessions published a Cork Rock 91 dedicated page with 4 bands/4 tracks all recorded from Dave Fanning’s 2FM radio show and one of the tracks is “Uncertain” by The Cranberries. So, before the new documentary this Monday, enjoy or re-enjoy the song now.

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Just a couple of hours after the radio broadcast, the podcast is available on this link.
“2FM MUSIC SPECIAL” is a great documentary featuring a recent interview with Noel Hogan and “Dreams” live at Cork Rock 91 possibly broadcast for the very first time. The Cranberries start at 00:34:19

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7 Responses to Blast from the past: The Cranberries at CORK ROCK 91 (UPDATED)

  1. alexverveboy

    Great new! I really hope someone can record it=D

    • Axl

      A podcast/replay might be available on the internet soon after the broadcast.
      Also note that anyone can try to record it as there is a “listen live” button on the RTE2fm website (see direct link at the very beginning of this news). Just install an audio recorder on your computer…

  2. alexverveboy

    Thanks for the info.

    • Axl

      You’re welcome! Listening right now… RTE2fm just broadcast an interview with Noel plus Dreams

  3. Cranations

    There’s a review of ‘Something Else’ posted 1 hour ago


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