“Why?” UK promo CD includes instrumental track

April 23, 2017  |  11 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“Why?” UK promo single surfaced on discogs. Price asked is $128 which is totally insane for something that will end up on eBay for just a couple of dollars.

The card sleeve promo CDR is made by BMG (reference PROMOBMG1342) and contains 3 tracks:

  1. Why? (Radio Mix)
  2. Why? (Album Version)
  3. Why? (Radio Mix Instrumental)

The instrumental track still being unreleased to this day!!
Also interesting to note: title of the song is “Why?” with a question mark which never appeared anywhere before. Is it a mistake or the real title, we should know soon…

Thanks to Cranberryesque for the info!


EDIT: According to credits on the back cover Noel and Fergal are not playing on these tracks. Dan Brodbeck is credited as lead guitarist and Corey Thompson as drummer.
Thanks to Francois for noticing. Maybe the most important information!!!


On the other hand, The Cranberries updated their store and you can now preorder “Something Else” on Double Heavyweight Vinyl for €23.99
Release date is April 28 as well.

The Cranberries posted a photo on their Instagram account of the physical LP (whose hand is it?):

And for those who preordered the signed CD, it should be in your hands soon. Band members are signing booklets these days, here’s a short video posted on The Cranberries Instagram today to prove it:

CD signing

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11 Responses to “Why?” UK promo CD includes instrumental track

  1. Dany

    Wow, worst ever signatures of the Crans I ever saw. Come on guyz pay attention a little more when signing 🙁

  2. Francois

    So according to the credits Noel and Fergal are not playing on this track?
    Dan Brodbeck is credited as lead guitarist and Corey Thompson as drummer.
    Very strange.

  3. Tipsy

    This track was originally thinked to be putted onto one Dolores solo project. Then the 3 cranberries agreed on putting it in the “Something Else” project . The so called radio/electric version was already recorded by Dolores producer while the string version within the Irish C. And the Guys.

    • Axl

      Indeed that’s the reason.

    • Anncrans

      Exactly tipsy is right. Anyway one could have thought that the crans would have wanted to re-record it with their playing style. And for the credits/royalties 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Tipsy

    Royaltywise of course!

  5. Cranfan

    Why – Radio Mix Instrumental Version mp3


    • WarChild/Human Spirit

      Thanks for sharing! I wish this was available to the public or on iTunes.

    • Nicolas

      could you rip the radio mix too of why? please. we can’t purchase it anywhere.


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