The Cranberries European Tour 2017 starts today in Poland

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The Cranberries European tour 2017 starts today in Poland. Just like the European Tour last year, the Polish fans have the chance to see the band in concert first.
It’s still unclear whether this show is part of the acoustic tour or not. Probably not… we will know soon.
It’s hard to understand why the band doesn’t communicate more on this point as there clearly are 2 different types of show in Europe this year.

Anyway this is the day and this post will be updated all day and night long on what’s happening now in Poland. The band arrived yesterday in Wrocław and some of the band members posted photos of the city on their Instagram accounts. Here’s one pic by whiteprism/Johanna Wiseley (backing vocals) who, by the way, just announced she was pregnant. The CW team would like to wish her all the best!

Here’s the poster:

and 2 tickets for tonight’s show

First fans in town:

NEW MERCH!!!!!!!!

Today's office. #TheCranberries #Merchandise #Tour #Wroclaw #Poland

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8:45pm – 15 minutes to go!!
Same backdrop as last shows.
Not the “Roses Tour” backdrop seen during the band’s rehearsals in Limerick.

9:15 PM – Show just started. 15 minutes late. First photo.

#thecranberries #wroclaw #3majowka

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Very few pictures for now… 
No live feed either. #EveryonesEnjoyingNotRecording
The show seems electric, not acoustic. #FirstAcousticShowTomorrow

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10:20 pm, Closest pic for now 🙁

10:35pm, first professional photos on this link.
2 of them below:

Show is now over.
No audio or video broadcast during the concert.
Setlist still to come…



00:50am – 2 HQ photos shared by Piotr on the Polish Facebook group “Forum The Cranberries”

01:15am – A lot more professional photos on
3 of them below:

That’s all folks!!
Tomorrow, first show of the Acoustic Tour in Berlin, Germany.

01. Analyse
02. Animal Instinct
03. Wanted
04. Linger
05. When You’re Gone
06. Just My Imagination
07. Ode To My Family
08. Loud And Clear
09. Free To Decide
10. I Can’t Be With You
11. Conduct
12. Desperate Andy
13. Schizophrenic Playboys
14. Salvation
15. Ridiculous Thoughts
16. Zombie

17. Empty
18. You And Me
19. Promises
20. Dreams

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2 Responses to The Cranberries European Tour 2017 starts today in Poland

  1. Maksim/Belarus

    Thanx!!Was super!From Wroclaw!

  2. Viky

    Opinions are now clear tons of fans declared has been the worst concert in years…i think always the same setlist in a vast amount of songs descourage fans to enjoy the concert because they listen always the same songs …


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