BREAKING: The Cranberries US/Canadian tour cancelled

July 19, 2017  |  17 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Below the band’s official statement published on their website and socials:

***** The Cranberries – Statement ***** The outpouring of support The Cranberries have received from fans and…

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17 Responses to BREAKING: The Cranberries US/Canadian tour cancelled

  1. Emerald

    Say bye bye to the cranberries for a loooong looong looong looong period.

    I’d say years.

    • Courtney

      Just want to say same here. Bye. 3rd time philly is cancelled. I’m outta here. If they’re coming back for a 4th show one day I won’t buy ticket… or maybe just 1 hour before the show.

    • Carrie Oakey

      She will be back singing in bars before you know it

  2. lou segusi

    yes agreed. it appears as if the drug problem has surfaced yet again

  3. Daniel

    She had come a long way from the dark places of November 2014.
    Personally I think It was too soon for Dolores to have gone back out on the road and take on the pressure of touring.

    • Mary

      I agree. It was a terrible idea to book such a heavy tour when Ms. O’Riordan is dealing with ongoing back problems plus other health issues. In my opinion, the Cranberries should have stuck with doing a strictly acoustic show with the quartet in smaller venues and with fewer dates. I also think it was a bad idea to pass off D.A.R.K Live PA as D.A.R.K for an opening act because it was only K, no D. and A. R! Koretsky by himself was just plain awful! He had no stage presence and his singing was unremarkable.

      Perhaps the Cranberries should focus on studio work and forgo touring until Dolores is fully healthy, or find other projects or causes to work with. Do they support or promote any charities? Doesn’t Dolores still have school aged children at home? I wouldn’t think she’d want to miss out on those years with her kids so that the band can tour heavily.

      Anyway, just my thoughts. The Cranberries are still a great band, but they’re not getting any younger. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, maybe? It would be a sad thing if they’re only known as the band notorious for cancelling tours.

    • Fitz Matush

      Ongoing back problems Mary? The only “back” issue is back on drugs for her

  4. timbo

    Ow mine ,i know people gonna get angry at me for saying these but i ‘ve been Cranberries fan and supported them almost since the beginning and now i can’t hide my disappointment because their potential were much more than this , i think the thing is how Dolores reacts to whatever she finds as a problem , she couldn’t deal with fame, touring, press, fans almost everything, And these are not unique troubles just for her there are many many singers and bands who face these things on a daily basis and didn’t lose it i know these situations might not be pleasant but we all are facing problems in our daily life and in our career imagine we all choose to hide or ran away what would happen.

    • alexverveboy

      Hi Timbo,

      Dolores is a very strong and experienced woman she has overcome all the changes in his private life and also has overcome his psychological problems so since 2016 and 2017 the only problem that she has is of health with that injury in the back. Dolores just needs to rest, recover and be happy and maybe in 2018 can return 100% recovered, we desire so be it.

    • Raúl

      I kinda agree with you but you about dealing with problems, but I honestly think is more than that, Dolores has said in several interviews that in the last few years she has suffered a lot of health problems, not just the back injury but pshychological problems as well, and thats just a part she has revealed…So yes, I think she wasn’t ready for a Tour, you just have to see her this year on stage to notice.
      I also think it’s unprofessional to cancel so many shows. However, I still trust them and their huge talent and potencial.

  5. Megbs

    Not again!!!!!!! GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Joe

    This was not “Breaking.” You were so late to this. It was literally on every site except this site.

    Hopefully Dolores is in recovery / rehab and that’s why they cancelled.

  7. Mary

    Hi Fitz,

    I was unaware that she had/has a drug problem, unless you’re including alcohol. I read an article by Barry Egan who opined that she shouldn’t drink.

    • Kaya

      Don’t believe everything you read. This is pure speculations. Nobody really knows.

    • Dee Lynn Quint


      I have to agree with Fitz. there is certainly something she is short of.


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