The Cranberries videos: comparison and alternative versions

August 1, 2017  |  12 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Great and interesting work done by lipecran concerning 3 (now 6) Cranberries videos. Thanks to him and The Cranberries Brasil.

First the comparison between all 3 versions of “Dreams” on the same screen.
The Cranberries Brasil note: “At the top of the screen, the first version, from 1992. Below, to the left, the second version of 1993, and to the right, the third, filmed between 27 and 29 January 1994 in Dublin, Ireland. Although some other videos of the band also have other versions, dreams is the only one with completely different versions of each other.”

Secondly, in the same style, the comparison between all 3 versions of “Zombie”. Some people only knew the existence of 2!! It seems this one just been censored for copyright reasons…
The Cranberries Brasil note: “On the top of the screen, is the most common version, with the song in full length (“No Need To Argue” album). Under it, at left, the version known as “UK Limited Edition” surfaced in early 2000’s and at right the “Alternate”, released in 2009 at VEVO channel of the band. These other two versions have the same lenght, so at some point, the screen will show only the common version, during the missing sound part of these other versions. The common and Alternate versions are very similar while the “UK” shows a lot of differences.”

And last the complete and quite rare alternative version of “Free To Decide”. Brilliant!

Now the comparison between both versions of “Free To Decide”

…and between both versions of “Ridiculous Thoughts”. Great job guys!

One more, “When You’re Gone”

And last, “I Can’t Be With You” and “Zombie” censored on YouTube and reuploaded on Vimeo.

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12 Responses to The Cranberries videos: comparison and alternative versions

  1. Joe

    Now I know why I always dislike that FTD video. The alternate version is so much better. The first “at all” image with Dol is awesome. And without that bloody final rewind it is so great.

  2. Felipe Rissato


    I’m very happy to do it for all The Cranberries community! And thank you for disclose and spread my homely work.

    Unfortunately, “Zombie” and “I can’t be with you” videos was blocked… but I’ll find a way to put it at least for download.


    lipecran. 😉

    • G.

      Hey you can go to
      No censorship overthere and google chrome translation works pretty well to understand how to create an account the first time. Great work man

    • Stephane

      Felipe, I think a download option would be great. I had a look at rutube (suggested by G.) but it seems that there is no option for video quality when I viewed videos. I have the impression that they might not provide HD quality (but I might be wrong).

  3. Stephane

    Anyone have the complete version of “Uncertain” video?
    I’d like so much being able to see it (at least more than the 47 seconds clip available on YouTube)

  4. Wogs

    I’ve been trying to find the unedited original version of the Analyse video (pre-9/11)….anyone able to post it?

  5. WarChild/Human Spirit

    There is an alternate take of Analyse on the Stars DVD. It has a lot of planes flying around, so I’m fairly certain it’s the original. I also thought the Uncertain video was on the Stars DVD, but it may be a clip in a documentary.

  6. Felipe Rissato

    Thank you, G.
    I’ll try upload the blocked videos on Vimeo. I tried on Dailymotion but I did can’t. If it also doesn’t work on Vimeo and the russian website upload the video with a not good quality, I’ll find a way to put it for download.

    About the “Uncertain” video, Fergal said in the early 2000’s that it would be released… but it never was done. I think that RTE channel has the whole thing, but maybe for copyrights can’t be broadcast it. The website sold a VHS with “Uncertain” in the early 2000’s too. My version of it doesn’t have 47 sec. but 50! 🙂
    Beyond “Uncertain”, I hope that the recently discovered 2nd version of “Promises” surface for us in the future.



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