Another “No Need To Argue” colored vinyl reissue: TURQUOISE

August 22, 2017  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

It seems that a new limited turquoise colored version of the NNTA vinyl is going to be released on October 20th by Plain. Limited edition: 1000 units.
Price is $29.98 which is exactly the same price as the other colored versions already released by the label before.

Pre-order now by clicking this link.

[EDIT]: You can also pre-order at WOWHD. They offer free shipping in a lot of countries (and even possibly worldwide). You can select the countries by clicking the little flag up in the left corner.

Thanks to Andrea for the info!

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4 Responses to Another “No Need To Argue” colored vinyl reissue: TURQUOISE

  1. Natty

    There you go, another one. And I guess it is still the same cheap version not even remastered. Nothing to do with the excellent EEIDISWCW version remastered by spark recently.

    Feels like plain/runt is becoming the new releasing the same thing again and again, don’t you think!

  2. Isaac

    I would like to have a white vinyl version

  3. MM

    Indeed a white vinyl would be totally relevant compared to fucking turquoise

  4. Isaac

    I need the wake up and smell the coffee double lp version, with bonus tracks included


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