Numan’s Voice: New release by Mono Band?

September 2, 2017  |  4 Comments  |  by Jury  |  Mono Band, Noel Hogan

Noel Hogan has changed the cover picture for his Facebook public page, and it seems like this picture can be a cover for a new release by Mono Band titled “Numan’s Voice.”

Few years ago Noel has recorded demo tracks with Fin Chambers for Mono Band project. It looks like it’s time to finally release them!

Also Johanna Wiseley (The Cranberries’ live back vocalist) has lent her voice for at least one Mono Band song. Let’s hope we’ll finally hear it!

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4 Responses to Numan’s Voice: New release by Mono Band?

  1. Carla Ramierez

    oh great
    that’s what the world needs,
    another Mono(tonous) Band album.

  2. Emerald

    bah its seems more a “blackmail” as : you stop the tour and i pull out a solo album with my latest ideas etc…

  3. Noah

    This just made my day! Mono Band’s self-titled debut saved my life back in a day, so I can not be happier. Full support, Mr. Hogan! Greetings from a Serb in China!


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