“No Need To Argue” to be reissued on vinyl again and again…

December 17, 2017  |  10 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

In the series guess the next color, the album “No Need To Argue” will be reissued on GREEN VINYL on 16 February 2018 still by the same label, Plain Recordings.

As you all remember, the label already reissued the album 4 times (180 grams, cranberry, plum and turquoise) these last 2 years.

This new reissue will be limited to 660 units (666 would have been a bit more rock n’ roll)

You can preorder right now by clicking this link, price is $29.98 including shipping for USA. Worldwide shipping available for a few extra dollars.


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10 Responses to “No Need To Argue” to be reissued on vinyl again and again…

  1. Darth

    It’s becoming ridiculous or hilarious I don’t know. At least they could have chosen white. White and cranberry are the only 2 colors that make sense. Maybe next one 🙂

  2. Isaac

    If I could choose how nnta Lp white vinyl should be, it would look like this!

    • Axl

      Wow nice! Did you make it?

    • Isaac

      Yes, I did it! ;P

    • Axl

      You’re expecting it for 2018 as I can read on credits 🙂
      White vinyl is indeed absolutely beautiful but I’m afraid it would have the blue label on it, they probably can’t change that as all NNTA reissues have that blue label so far. Too bad because you are absolutely right and a white label would be so perfect. Great job!!

    • Isaac

      I agree, the blue label is horrible.
      They need to work harder, I don’t think they will give us something like this for 2018, but that’s my dream, you know?

    • Axl

      You’re right, dreaming is free! And who knows if they need inspiration… the real logo on a white label is indeed a great idea!

  3. J.P.

    While I support the white and would get one, I am surprised that no one included green in the 3 most fitting colors. Green and Irish go hand in hand. That’s the disc I would spin come St. Patty’s day. It also alternates to Christmastime, just as red and white do. I am all in for the green. The blue label will go well with it. As it does with my turquoise copy. The translucent turquoise is the most beautiful looking press thus far. I love them and this album.


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