“Illusion” a new unreleased track by D.A.R.K. (UPDATED)

December 18, 2017  |  12 Comments  |  by Axl  |  D.A.R.K.

An unreleased track by D.A.R.K. has been shared on Soundcloud 25 days ago under the username JETLAG.NYC along with a brand new photo of Dolores holding a guitar. Thanks to the Facebook page of Dolores O’Riordan Spain for finding this gem as it seems that D.A.R.K. posted it without saying.

The track is called “Track 47 Illusion”
Is this an old demo song not selected to appear on debut album “Science Agrees” or is it a brand new one from a recent work. No one has the answer for now but the second option might be very possible.

lyrics tentative:

4, 3, 2, 1
4, 3, 2, 1
This is a story of failure and glory

Based in town in the South in 1980
Where should I begin
Please come in
Where were you lately
He said with a smile
In a while
It’s an illusion
It’s all an illusion
This is my conclusion for now


uh, uh


I remember the crowd
They were loud and it was something
When you took control of my soul
Then it was nothing
It’s all an illusion
This is my confusion
It’s all an illusion
This is my confusion


(OK that’s the idea)


The track has just been removed!!

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12 Responses to “Illusion” a new unreleased track by D.A.R.K. (UPDATED)

  1. J.

    Did anyone manage to save this song? I missed it 🙁

  2. RAUL

    I couldn’t hear it NOOO

  3. Emerald


    they are not new on playing on hiding tracks to fans….for god sake this is so fucking mad!!

  4. Richard

    Not surprised it was taken down, it was obviously a demo. Very strange that this sat on sound cloud for 25 days and was deleted as soon as anyone noticed. I’m not that familiar with sound cloud, is there a way to share songs with only certain people? Maybe it was never intended for the public.

  5. Emerald

    they read the forum, it’s not a joke….they have big eyes! but they don’t allow nothing to the fans! they prefer to hide everyrthing and when the releases are ready pull them out without any fuss ….

    I am sad because these guys don’t enjoy music they just care about business …. and here we are no cranberries new songs no Dolores new songs nothing.

    Enjoy!!!! 🙁

    • Zic

      You’re a bit hardh don’t you think. I think Richard’s explanation might be right. I can’t really tell as I myself couldn’t hear it as well, I saw that news hours after. Anyway if it really was a demo not meant for the public and published by mistake I can understand that. ImThe band wants to offer a proper song for the first time people to hear it. Having access to demo is cool for fans but after the real proper version IMO.

      Which forum are you talking about. Where. I thought the official one were down.
      Thank you

  6. emerald

    MANAGEMENT AND MOST OF HER PEPOLE READ THIS FORUM i can assure you. That’s more than enough to tell you that they should release more music for the fans …

  7. Little man, from this planet

    From: Little man, from this planet.

    Dollie’s mind…oh well it perplexes me. Really.
    I can’t almost sleep until I divulge her meanings… (haha)
    Splitting hairs, in fact! 🙂

    Sometimes privately I for meself call her ”Little O’Riordan’s”…
    (I babble to her in me’s chin in a way but it suits her well, is it not? 🙂 )

    This song could be about wishful thinking i.e.
    ”The Mind will see what it wants to see”.
    Vice versa, maybe her mind is excellent in seeing but something came across and messed things a bit.
    (Bad address, bad data, bad spies, lies…etc)

    (I must admit ”I was also there” – I gave a song long ago to a girl and she immediately saw in it something bad about her, which wasn’t anyhow there…The song was not about her and/or me whatsoever…although I liked her…or fancied her…)

    I sent her two very long letters-emails, to Dolores… but for the last one I did not unfortunately received any confirmation no matter how many times I politely asked for it…
    I don’t know why…and in fact I am not sometimes even sure she received even the first one…
    Strange, very strange…but what can I do?
    (Maybe this, maybe that, maybe my email is bad…who knows…I mean – it could be anything and everything, similarly with this song meaning, also)

    But you know I can’t force some things…sure I can try to post it via true post (to some address) and so on…but who knows where that post will end…in the end…

    Well, I’ve done it I guess mostly just because it is sad for me to see her suffering…and there is no reason for her not to be good to herself.
    But I can’t force anyone, only tip a direction…

    So, no, it is maybe not an illusion…depends on many things / factors…

    What I wanted to say is…she possibly got to know some friend / man and something went wrong…and now she is saying / thinking that it is fake…

    Maybe it is fake, or maybe not…
    Who can tell that, and also…

    Or she was seeing him in her little power mind…(part on the door I guess, ”please come in”…Dolores’s 6th sense in a way)
    We all or some of us at least know and are aware that that girl has a very ”tricky” mind…Yoga and what not… 🙂

    I doubt she get to know some bloke in 1980! Haha she was 9 year old toddler_rocknrolla back then… 😀

    Although it can be also song about her childhood problems…
    (I hope it is not!!! I would like to believe it is something more positive…)

    If I were her – I would be very wary of people because people shouldn’t be trusted too easily…

    I didn’t hear the demo (voice and all) so I can’t tell you more…

    And this could be I guess, only a mere sketch…at least to me…some parts are missing…

    So Dolores, whatever it is ….tie up loose ends…


    Rock and roll forever and ever….


    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year…

  8. If you have this files, plllllllease can you share it?


    • Axl

      Sorry Danny we don’t have it, it was removed very quickly we were still doing lyrics transcription when it happened. Maybe one of our readers…


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