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WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry we just can’t find words to comment on that…
Here’s just a link to the article of Independent

Dolores once said in an interview that she couldn’t picture herself live over 50.
Unfortunately she was SO DAMN RIGHT.

Our deepest condolences go to Her Family, first.
Thinking also of the boys, the beautiful Cranberries team, and all our fellow fans.


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  1. Khanada Azeleia

    I’m heartbroken to hear this news. Loved her voice. I’m sorry for your loss. May she now join all the other stars in the sky.

  2. Rayner Huang


  3. Ju


  4. Murat

    i can’t you will never be forgotten.

  5. Anka

    Thank You for being in my life for 25 years – and goodbye.

  6. Cyril

    So devastated !!! bleeding heartbroken…

  7. Tipsy

    Forever gone. I am devasted and can’t stop crying. A piece of my heart gone with her forever.

    • Ully from Versailles

      It’s a sad sad day… a wonderful flower cut too soon
      we miss you already.
      RIP dolores

  8. Erica

    I am devastated! What happened?!!!!
    What do you mean she knew she would not live past 50?

  9. Mike Sniadecki

    I am so upset by this. My life was touched by her voice and her music was so beautiful! I will always remember and love her she had such a gift! Dolores I love you! Rest in Peace! My heart aches for you and your family!

  10. Jonathan Sun


  11. NIcodu62

    It sounds so unreal …. Dolores has been part of my life for 23 years old ; it really hurts …. I guess, all you guys who consult this site, we’re all deeply shocked. What a terrible day. So Sad. RIP Dolores.

  12. Cordell

    So fucking hurt she was my one and only since day ome and now i dont have anyone….

  13. Angel fire done :-)

    Ever heard of fake news? Prove it 🙂 only problem is … proof is only in person. No1 knows shit about cause of death . Internet full of sickening limits 4 worse

  14. Anon

    Heartbroken. Dolores was such a huge part of my life growing up. I feel like a part of me has died today. May you be in peace now dolores.

    How will I make it without you? :’(

  15. Carsten

    “They say that you’ve passed away,
    And I hope you’ve gone to a better place.”
    Now it will be even harder to listen to your songs :'(
    RIP you beautiful and talented woman.

  16. daniele cannavacciuolo

    il mio angelo mi mancherai tantissimo…….

  17. I love your songs. I love the Band.

    Im very sad about this News.

    Rest in Peace Dolores

  18. Ebtehal


    Thank you for your music. I was warchild when i first time hear Ode to My Family.and it was my favorite song ever. And thank you for your support for us Bosnians in our hardest war time in 90’s.

    May God give you paradise nad thank you.

    Bosnia love Dolores!

  19. Mike

    I’m a grown-up guy, I never get emotional about celebrities passing away. Never until today. Today is the first time in my life when I’m extremely sad for such reason. There was always something about Dolores, about her angelic voice, about her personality, her smile, that was breaking my heart.

    I remember watching one of her early gigs in Paris, when between songs she looked down and smiled for a moment so shyly. It was so sweet to see the contrast between her “tough” energetic scenic personality and these few second when she looked almost like innocent and shy little girl. Of course I loved Cranberries music, but I also loved this incredibly talented woman. Especially knowing how much she had to suffer in her life.

    I wish I could have known her, or helped her in anyway with all the struggles she was fighting. I’m sorry Dolores. I’m really really sorry this happend to you. The only thing I can say, I won’t forget you, and I’m keeping a place for you in my heart.

  20. Xander21

    Sorry for everyone in her life and well all the fans… so sad… r.i.p. Dolly xxx

  21. Felipe Pereira Rissato

    Words will never be enough.



  22. RAUL

    I have been hours thinking about it and I don’t even know how I feel about Dolores being dead. I knew The Cranberries in my teenage years and they have been a huge influence in my life, I liked their music so much that somehow they helped me to figured out what I liked and what I didn’t in more ways than music tastes. Her style, her way of being and her art had an enormous impact on teenage me. Now I’m 25 and as an adult I deeply admired her because we all know here that she suffered a lot in her life (Abuses, dealing with fame, mental disorders, divorce and so on) and yet she kept working and creating material and sharing her way to see music. I have admired her much more outside the huge succes of the 90s than when she was in the top of the industry. She was an inspiration to me. Thanks to this website I have followed her career over the years, so is going to be we odd not hearing news about her anymore (as we fans loved to “stalk” her in a good way ; ) I just have to say that I’ll never forget her.

  23. Jos.

    I’m feeling so sorrowed for my fellow Cranfans, the band, her family & friends, the guys she had in her life, Limerick, & especially for her kids. What a Sad, sad, uninvited day.

    “Well there’s a light at the end of the road..
    & there’s a star hanging over the Sea..
    & when we get there, we will be one
    Just wait & see… ”

    Goodbye Amazing Dolores. I hope your beautiful soul is at peace in the light x

    Strength to all of you guys. xo

  24. Ezajur Rahman

    I don’t think anyone has yet been able to capture in words the appeal of Dolores. I can write but describing her seems impossible. I can try to describe what she is to me. A word comes to mind: magnetic, and in the truest sense of the word. Always pulled – yanked even – to her voice, her emotion and her words. Beautiful is an understatement. Powerful is an understatement. She was a study in contrasts: edgy but classy, vulnerable but tough, regular but stunning, sweet but fearless, frail but titanic, international but local, daunting but yielding, breaking but healing, grunge but glamorous, pained but happy, humble but magnificent, intense but chilled … it goes on. I think this is part of her appeal. To see her on stage: still and intense or roaming and joyous, mournful but hopeful… all this, and so much more, packed into this slightest of frames. And her singing voice? Oh Lord, her voice! I tear up at the thought of her voice. Tearing up now. Its pointless talking about your voice.

    Rest in peace Dolores. We couldn’t possibly be more different and yet it only ever took the first sound of your voice in every song for me to throw my heart at you. May God give your family the strength to manage. May God give the industry the wisdom to honour you appropriately. May God help your fans to pass the knowledge of your music on to their children. May God help your fans to wipe away their tears.

    ‘And now I tell you openly, you have my heart so don’t hurt me.
    You’re what I couldn’t find.
    A totally amazing mind, so understanding and so kind;
    You’re everything to me.’

  25. Goodbye, Dolores O’Riordan. Your voice will always be magnificent. Thank you for the gift of music that you and The Cranberries gave to the world.

  26. Fan from Czech Republic

    “Suddenly something has happened to me
    As I was having my cup of tea
    Suddenly I was feeling depressed
    I was utterly and totally stressed
    Do you know you made me cry
    Do you know you made me die”
    This is what I’m literally feeling right now. I’m heartbroken. This is the first time in my entire life when I feel like something has died inside me. Like everyone else here I was not ready for this at all. For the first time I’ve lost someone who is still close to my heart and for the first time I cried all night long. On January the 3rd I bought all her original CDs and I was looking forward for new concerts, but now? It’s even harder to listen to her voice and think about that she’s not with us anymore. Dearest Dolores, you passed away to a new place where we can’t follow you but your spirit will never leave. You’re already looking at us from above with your love and kindness. You just have found your salvation.

  27. Volodymyr

    A part of me is broken, it’s gone, yesterday’s gone there is no return
    A part of me is dead
    On the last picture from the twitter u looked so sick and tired,
    Rest In Peace, you will always live in my heart and in your songs
    The good people are always first to drop

  28. Yik Lim

    Zombie will never sound the same again. 🙁

  29. man

    “you”ll always be spécial to me, spécial to me, to me” I love you Dolores


    R.I.P Dolores !!!! miss you sooooo much ~!

  31. Ernest Loeki & Melany The Netherlands

    Dolores you are an angel in Heaven now! We will miss you and love you forever and God bless your soul and rest in peace dear Dolores!
    Thanks for everything , you’re concerts I have been and your UNIQUE voice!
    Love from Asjemenou_Loeki_lion & Melany , MB at the old Zombieguide Forums!

    • Tipsy

      Zombieguide was at the time a fantastic resource while digital content started spreading. WE LOST EVERYTHING. THIS IS THE WORST POSSIBLE NEWS WE COULD POSSIBLY HEAR.

    • B.

      Maybe it’s time to have a forum back again. A true forum I mean and not another facebook trade or something. A forum where every fan could share the cranberries stuff they have so we can try to find and get the best resources. I am probably dreamin as forums won’t ever come back.

  32. Mark

    I am utterly devastated. She left this world far too soon, but at least she can rest easy knowing the impact she had on the lives of so many all across the globe. You are back among the angels Dolores and you will not be forgotten. Rest in peace my star. You will be dearly missed.

  33. Anonymous

    I am so stunned and saddened by this news. Dolotes O’Riordan has died…as other people said, she was such an inspiration in her expressions in the Cranberries’ music. I was supposed to have seen them this past fall, but the whole American tour was cancelled, and now I’ll never have seen her perform. :,( I am only beginning to process…I came to love the Cranberries thanks to my mom, sho would blast NNTA in the living room all the time when I was a kid. My fanship was sealed during identity struggles in college. Dolores and her voice always helped bolster my strength, my belief in myself to perservere and also know truth. I never had a doubt Dolores was a person with faults, strengths, & struggles like everyone else, and was neber afraid to express and explore the melancholy of life. Thats what made her special. She was a truly unique person, and I will miss her so deeply even though I never met her in person. I hope she is walking though the fields of golden hay with Joe, her grandfather, and her father, all pain and struggle gone. We will “see you in the summer”…here’s to you, our friend Dolores. “To the faithful departed…”

  34. Francois

    It is still hard to believe that we won’t hear that voice again.
    She must be singing with the angels now.
    Looking back at this past year… Her eyes looked sometimes empty, she already seemed to be gone.
    May you find some peace now, dear Dolores.
    Your music will be played, your songs will be sung and you will never be forgotten.

  35. MM

    Maybe someone should have helped her… It was commonly known, she was strongly depressed, she attended suicide in 2013. Depression is mortal illness. If she had suffered from pneumonia, she would had been treated….

  36. who could it be

    There was nothing wrong with her at all and certainly nothing to indicate that she was batshit crazy. /sarcasm

    Suing her own fans ( Zombieguide) was just a sign of the trouble to come.

    • Richard

      You are a piece of trash. She did not sue her fan. She threatened to sue someone who was holding her website hostage in order to extort money from her. It was 11 years ago, if you are still hung up about it, than you’re the one that’s batshit crazy.


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