Post-mortem results are due for release tomorrow, Fentanyl poisoning suspected?

January 17, 2018  |  16 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  Dolores O'Riordan

This morning, announced that post-mortem results are due for release tomorrow.

Let’s note note that website Santa Monica Observer announced that a source in the London Police Department said Dolores O’ Riordan died of Fentanyl poisoning:

Lead Singer of the Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan died of Fentanyl poisoning Monday, said a source in the London Police Department. Authorities found counterfeit fentanyl near the 46 years old rocker’s bed. The source added that an official cause of death will probably have to wait for a toxicology report. He added that suicide and a deliberate overdose are suspected.

Several media around the world are now quoting this article as a reliable source of information, though this U.S. newspaper is known for publishing fake news, so we’d strongly advised to wait for the coroner report!

The Mirror reported that Dolores’ body was discovered in the bathroom of her suite by the cleaners. She was staying at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

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16 Responses to Post-mortem results are due for release tomorrow, Fentanyl poisoning suspected?

  1. Tipsy

    OH NO….the worst of the worst. NO.

    I hope she was not able to decide how much dose to take. I don’t want believe she commit suicide.

  2. fiamma

    oh dolores why?

  3. Magister

    I immediately thought of it, evidently it had reached a point of no return. Now rest in peace Dolores

  4. Anon

    Such a shame, especially if it was a deliberate OD. I feel so bad for he children. Dolores didnt seem like herself in the past few years, you could see it in her eyes.

  5. V

    We don’t know if it’s fentanyl yet. That website is a gossip site. Most legitimate news sites don’t post anonymous sources. RIP, Dolores. I’ll miss you, and I hope you’ve found peace.

  6. Cinderella

    Sure it’s anonymous sources but anonymous sources are very often right. We’ll see if true very soon. What’s for sure is that we won’t ever see her again not in this world nor in another god’s world cause there’s no fucking god or fucking heaven. She’s just dead and all is over. End of an era. Very very very sad. Suicide or not, RIP my love.

    • Ali

      Why bother with the RIP, you belligerent twat? Rest in fucking peace? What does that even mean?! As you said, SHE’S JUST DEAD AND ALL IS OVER for christsakes!!

  7. Anonymous

    Прощай. Без тебя мир опустел. Но полны наши сердца любви к тебе. Твоя музыка и творчество будет жить вечно!

    • Ali

      “Goodbye. Without you, the world is empty. But our hearts are full of love for you. Your music and creativity will live forever!”

      Well said!

  8. Dream Police

    Santa Monica Observer is not a legitimate news site.

  9. Zoran / Dolores O'Riordan, Farewell

    Please resend to whom it is of concern.
    (To Dolores’s family, Ole, Don, band members… because I don’t have any contacts)
    Please read all, for full understanding.
    Read carefully.

    I’m angry, in regret. I want someone else to blame!!!
    Including myself.
    I want the Truth!

    Management, did you send her my 2 big emails?
    Today, and she had the money and connections, you can do almost anything in medical world!
    Like spine operation???
    You can print 3D parts of the spine and put them where they belong and so on…

    Who gave her COUNTERFEIT pills???
    Drugs, drugs…Stupid idiots using drugs…
    (Look, we got this stash of cash …oh well we will use some evil-bad narcotics…)

    (And if it is correct, no one is to blame, really? Nothing is suspicious, really?
    I can’t imagine someone with serious money as Dolores will do anything with counterfeited anything…especially when dealing with it’s own HEALTH!?
    Is she murdered and why would that be?)
    (I doubt Dolores deliberately tried anything. I don’t believe in it.)

    What about her ex husband?
    You’ve got your kids together, get her to doctors and don’t leave her in New York alone like a dog, knowingly that she is unstable / ill.
    @Dolores airport tragic mess.
    (Sure maybe Don is just perfect but still I’m just saying I doubt that he is)
    I can even imagine she was hard to handle when going emotionally up-down, but STILL!

    I sometimes even think he deluded her for 20 odd years to get her money…
    Or this was one of his additional and/or backup secret ideas.
    And while she was young. Of course. They can have fun, while it lasts…
    ”Manager”…and we all see what managers do around the world, and how they approximately behave…
    Even David Bowie mentioned ”managers” in it’s last documentary ”DAVID BOWIE: THE LAST FIVE YEARS”
    (If you correctly read between the lines)

    But then again Don might be just perfect, who knows…

    (But Dolores’s songs I think tell us also slightly different story, ”Promises” and so on…Noel Hogan could have better insights I believe. He is main coauthor on most of them.)

    There is for years not a word from him, her ex???
    At least I haven’t seen anything…

    I watch the pictures…
    How can you not allow woman and mum to see her babies exactly on Christmas (Eve) time???
    It is like ”deadly sin” to push apart mum from her kids on such days!
    Alright, if she could not make it / didn’t want it – it is a different story but otherwise…
    My guess is that is why she was so sad / pale on the picture under Ole’s tree

    Sure, Ole might be nice and top of the top man, now when being older, (because he also used bad drugs in his younger days, apparently!) – but – her ex husband killed her life beliefs – in a way!

    That is why I knew exactly immediately when she first spoke the word: ”partner” alluding to Oleg Koretsky of course, in a newspaper interview, and later confirmed exactly my thoughts in a newer radio interview:
    “ok, here we go again…another one…”…meaning another boyfriend (while the interviewer was laughing loudly about it, and she was very serious) – that her beliefs in true everlasting love are gone down in drain, in a way.
    (Listen around 40th to 43th minute)

    That was a somewhat hard or sad for me to see, but only partially because YOU probably must get such bridges in Life, otherwise…you will get yourself hurt very badly…
    Because it is such world…Bad things happen all the time, mostly…
    See, she was smart enough to have such clever conclusions, also, but I truly believe such conclusions are going deeply right against her true HEART beliefs and character…And there lies a big problem…
    She couldn’t totally come to terms with it…

    (That again doesn’t say that she couldn’t have had good life with Ole or other man or ex husband…for some 50+years more! Whoever the man might be.)

    AND SHE, SHE WAS I believe most of all I’M LIKE A ROOK I MATE FOR LIFE type of person (You know that scene from Victoria, series)
    Because that’s how her parents also were…stiff, old school, pragmatic…that is what she wanted and needed…
    That is what you will hear also in great song ”I still do”…exactly that…!
    So when you see her in text or interview she says: ”Trust is very important”

    I don’t know…I really don’t know…What to think…

    I think she was non stop in grief about her ex man.
    No matter what she said about it for the public…because it was 20 years marriage, children and I guess even more time plus, before marriage.

    ”I’ll wait for you forever, I’ll wait for you forever
    I’ll take you to my grave (grave)”
    What does that tell you?

    ”Cuddly but stubborn, bless her!” – little being, you know…and ex is not interested…or whatever…
    That is what was killing her, probably, also.
    Because after such time how will she ever get true trust in someone???
    Maybe she will, but it all goes with constant life threatening fear.

    For God’s sake (If there is any at all such phenomenon)
    – Don Burton, it was Your Lady in Distress – dumped, at the bottom of an old, oily, smelly garage pit… sprinkled with dark red roses…
    Video is called ”Tomorrow”
    (It was recorded in her brother’s garage if I remember correctly.)
    Watch it mate!
    It is no coincidence!
    She said to you everything, with that, but you didn’t listen!
    Maybe that was even signifying the grave pit???
    (That whole album ”Roses” is very, VERY indicative or even maybe prophetic…)

    Under that picture where she said she was going to see her babies I wrote in my mind and had a honest thought: RECONCILIATION (if must be!)

    You know…Mammy bear and baby bears and maybe even old grumpy daddy bear…all together in their own lair.
    (At least to some point, reconciliation, at least to some!)
    For someone’s sake…
    Sure Oleg would be hurt that way, but you know…he also has some years on his back.
    He could possibly understand. If it was for greater good…
    (Now we see she was: Love of his life, at least that’s how Ole said…But still…)

    But what about him, her ex husband?
    Yes, I can only imagine he found some other younger I suppose chick…and that is about it!?
    (I wouldn’t be surprised. That I can somehow imagine from Dolores’s songs.)

    I am not satisfied with what I did.
    That is my main pain about Dolores!!!
    I failed her but before her I failed myself!!!
    (At least that is how I feel)
    But who am I?

    Irrelevant chap..(But even I could’ve make a difference)
    I could not pass through it all I suppose…I even don’t know stuff about her that well. And I couldn’t reach her more closely although I wanted because I’ve seen where it all goes…
    And surely I didn’t want to be thought off as if I am some lunatic…
    Because that is certainly not what I am.

    Just, I was always thinking in last few years, with fear – it would be such a waste for her to die.
    Not because of anybody else more than herself, in the first place!
    Her life. Her only.
    (Have you, any of you had such questions and fears in your minds?)

    And there was a TRUE RED WARNING. When she said, few years ago:
    ” I’m 43. If I see 50, I’ll be happy. I mean that.”…
    Along with other indications such as ”overdose” and so on!
    (That was my ALARM trigger to do something!)

    Why, why, oh why should anyone like her want to die or just die?
    She deserved to live happily ever after…working or not…
    I mean – I can cry on that her statement, alone!
    Such an awful and deeply sad thing to say.

    And now, now old sins casted their shadows.
    Child abuser, ”thank you very much”…
    It will get back to you – no worries, ”mate”…
    No one ever paid a visit to him?
    There is no police, no garda in your town?
    Yes, he will come to the funeral, probably, I assume.
    As he was on her father funeral…
    Shed a few tears…
    I mean, really…

    I feel sorry even maybe for him…Maybe he was also molested / abused in his youth…

    And how about band members…
    Sure she might have been a little selfish, ego, even, I imagine – but if she was…you get her over your knees and spank her on her bare bottom, but then on the other hand SUPPORT HER and help her…
    ”All for one and one for all”
    She was sensible that much…To acknowledge that… I think…
    (If not, spank her again…All in good will! For greater good! FOR LIFE!)

    If she had any sort of addiction problems, you know, Noel could have grabbed her under her hand…and say…
    ”Listen…, Dear Lady from now on you will really behave yourself…and it will be for your own good, understood?”
    I mean, how she could object on such deed?
    She would have no right! Shush!
    It is for greater good. I don’t want to hear – ”she can’t comply”!
    There are always solutions to problems.

    Three grown mans…and one little stubborn & cheeky petite girl…

    I told her I will protect her how much I can…and what now???
    (Once somebody called me from a secret number…but, well… I can’t know who that was…)

    And I would’ve done that!
    Not for the money or glory or anything alike – be sure of it.
    If she said ”I don’t want your help”…oh well…There are still other ways…

    I mean this thing didn’t happen really, right?
    Because I can’t believe in it!

    As the Mayor of Limerick, Sean Lynch said…

    It is something in her character that I also liked and respected the most…

    That is what I will miss…

    And now I refuse to believe.

    Even I feel guilty…and in regret…

    I told her my contacts in a email…Beyond all other numerous things…
    here Love, call me if and when you need someone to talk about anything…at all…
    Just write them down, please…In mobile phone…In a case you’ll be needing them…at least…
    So you can have extra safety at your fingertips.
    We will destroy psychological traumas and all else…
    I will sign non disclosure statement if needed etc.

    So it could be message like this:

    Dol: ”do I use these strange and very strong pills, fake ones also, eh?”
    Me: ”no!, go to doctor and have a true prescription or take some regular with smaller impact if you must now, be careful if you’re using other medication…”

    And what about other people surrounding her…They are now surely, at least after some time they will be alike –
    ”Oh my God but there goes our main work in the drain…”

    Yeah right, now it is TOO LATE, mateys…that’s what I was being telling you in my two really massive long letters / emails and when I was checking on if you delivered them to Dollie…

    I told Thinny (The Cranberries – site maintenance stuff), and Management if I was to remember correctly – protect her, send her this two emails for help…

    You haven’t been enough smart to cherish and protect your friend, lover, business partner, your bread bearer etc…

    I’m really interested about what is the D.A.R.K. new (demo) song ”Illusion”?
    My comment is from: Little man, from this planet

    I don’t know what to think.
    What about news that some friends say that she was very depressed in few weeks time before her death?

    I can’t bear such indicators!

    While a man who was to meet her that day, said – that night she send him voice message about how happy she was about doing cover of Zombie…

    Hm very opposite I must say…And contradicting information…

    So, no – I don’t feel sorrow just right now…
    I feel disappointment, regret, anger, disbelief…

    (I mean I surely can’t blame Dollie, just a sugar kid, naive often, pigheaded as she said for herself…so I must then blame some other people around her, am I not right?)

    I genuinely feel like I failed her…
    Although I promised otherwise!
    That is what I regret!
    When I heard I was:
    ”No no no… Nooo”
    It is a kind of anger her mom had when seeing annoying manager on their home doorstep, when Dolores didn’t feel well and he was pestering and bothering Eileen about how Dolores can/must go working and her mom was mad protective ”threatening” rightfully to him to leave Dolores alone as she needed rest!

    (She was even now just a kid 1,6 m small…No matter her age and status, no matter that she was older some years than me – what else she was?
    Girl, sometimes stuck in her childhood due to her traumas, which needed our best protection! Goddammit!)

    Who should I blame for the sea of opportunities, for LIFE, now lost?

    Not to mention I dreamt her once, few nights before her death…
    She was safe…Her head on my friendly shoulder…
    And then in a just several days – off, she is not here, no more.
    (It can’t be????? It must not be!!!)

    There is also somewhere on her premises I suppose, unreleased old song named: ”Croatia”…of course it is…
    How not to fall in love with such also beautiful country…And now there are many Croats also in Ireland…

    I genuinely expected best years and best songs before Dolores and The Cranberries were yet to come…
    I even gave her song ideas, good ones…
    Many good years…
    Why not?
    Album every, should we say, 5 years or more.
    It would be no big deal.

    And also I don’t know how and why – but you all band members planned to go touring this last tour like this…
    Sometimes even more than several days if I remember correctly in one business week having concerts?
    I mean, does it have to be like that?
    You are not 20-some kids and anyway why such a rush as if something is burning under your feets!?
    I’ve seen scheduals…and I was ”WTF? Are they mad or what?”
    Could you not take a slower pace?
    One or two or four concerts in a month?
    Was that not fast enough?
    Who was to blame for that?
    Even younger people would be having problems with such pace!

    Who was with Dolores when she went to London?
    Nobody, Ole?
    To me, this case is suspicious.

    People… I really don’t want to offend anyone…That is not my point!
    But LIFE, life is only one. So we can’t mess about it!
    Tomorrow could be too late!

    Just think about what you did and what you did not.
    (There are also still other people who are not well – around us…Singer Sinead O’Connor signified that part also, last Summer!!!)

    It is tearing me apart, when I think about all of this.
    I CAN’T.
    The more I think about it, the worse I feel.

    I truly believe there are not many people alike her on this planet.
    Sure, maybe I mystify her one bit or more, I wasn’t been around her as others were, (no one is perfect), but still…

    Learn from this sad example!
    Please, lit a small candle in my name on her grave…

    My sincere and deep condolences to the closest family and friends.
    (If you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to contact me)

    Goodbye Dear Dollie and I hope… I really do…
    You will reincarnate into nice positive singing Angel with big beautiful wings…
    Very stubborn and fair in your good doing.

    So I can also hear rustling and fluttering of your wings.
    (Even I could do with an Angel supporting me, sometimes, at least…)

    Deep bow and a hug and farewell kiss.
    I Love You!
    Thank You, Dear Lady, for all! :'(

    (true sender is known to the site owner)

  10. Greg

    I started a response earlier but I did not finish it. There are likely hundreds of places where fans are leaving messages of love. I wonder if the drugs were simply for her physical pain? I have trouble to believe that she could not find genuine love in her life. Her songs are rich in love she is offering to others and receiving from them.

    I did not know her, but I love her. I have always kept a tender spot for Material Issue in my collection, and now The Cranberries will share that special place as a lost love.

    • Ali

      Yeah, she was suffering from both physical and emotional pain, but I still believe it was an accidental overdose even though it was said she attempted suicide in the past. Either way, we can’t judge her and just appreciate how she enriched our lives with her proverbially beautiful music that soothed our own physical and emotional pain we suffer(ed) from.

    • Van

      I agree with Ali, gut feel says it’s unintentional, I am thinking it has something cardiac-related, complicated by the fentanyl and alcohol. Her JVD over the years concerned me. I cannot feel angry at anyone in her life in particular as I am just someone looking in, and surely it’s not easy to live with someone suffering with BPD, but I feel so sad that no one forced her to stop drinking/smoking and let her travel alone when she was obviously unwell.

      I wanted to watch some YT vids of her later performances (2015 onward) to remember her career by from start to finish, but I honestly couldn’t when you can clearly see her not all right– especially in the Cancun gig book signing vid.

  11. Mark Anthony

    I don’t think she’d leave behind her children like that by over dosing intentionally and traveling someplace and then calling people and leaving messages etc. More than likely just an accident if not natural causes..

    • Mary

      But often times that’s exactly how suicides behave, like everything is normal, making plans for the future etc. Since there is an inquest it means that death was not due to natural causes. That means accidental OD or suicide. Either way it’s tragic. Either way it leaves a lot of questions that may never be answered. My heart just breaks for her children!


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