New gem from Alan Martin – 1993 interview with Dolores and Fergal

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Here is the third video of Alan we previously told you about: a never seen before interview of Dolores and Fergal by Ian Dempsey given on RTÉ Two in a show called “The Beatbox” on December 19, 1993.

The interview takes place on the band’s return from their first and successful American tour, and follows their Limerick and Dublin performances (Dec 17th and 18th) before the Christmas break.

    “The Beatbox” – RTÉ Two – December 19, 1993

As always, a huge thanks to Alan!

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5 Responses to New gem from Alan Martin – 1993 interview with Dolores and Fergal

  1. Justanothercranfan

    Oohh!!!! Such a gem indeed. Never seen this one before. It just became one of my very favorite interview. This is so Dolores. And Fergal so cool and fun. And both so tired lol. Thank you Alan. The world needed to see that one.

  2. Van

    Ferg’s chill is always fun to watch. Dolores being adorable as always. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Steve

    OMG , Dolores , what can I say , beautiful and so so lovely as always , can’t thank you enough Alan.

    Thank you , thank you and thank you .

  4. seb

    So this is Dolores denying she’s going to marry an American, a week before writing Dreaming My Dreams!

  5. June

    Same for soending xmas in Limerick. She probably was going to soend it in Canada.
    Well, everyone deserves a private life.


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