Dolores O’ Riordan voicemail audio – 15 Jan. 2018 1:12 AM (GMT)

April 5, 2018  |  10 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

TMZ published on their website and YouTube a voicemail audio message Dolores left for label executive Dan Waite on 15 January 2018 at 1:12 AM (GMT) to let him know how Bad Wolves version of Zombie “sounds fucking terribly good“.

Everyone knows TMZ and the sensationalism side, that’s why they’re surfacing this and writing “The Final Voicemail”. The final voicemail, this we can’t really know but for sure some of the very last words said by Dolores just a few hours before she was found dead. Very moving or very disrespectful, up to you!

    15 January 2018 – 1:12 AM (GMT)

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10 Responses to Dolores O’ Riordan voicemail audio – 15 Jan. 2018 1:12 AM (GMT)

  1. Rev

    I don’t view it as disrespectful. It provides solid public insight in to her final hours after close to 4 months of speculation. On the surface, shes upbeat and looking to the future. Not knowing her personally, its hard to tell if its a moment of mania, but it should quell some speculation.

  2. Jack

    Very disrespectful in my eyes. She meant this as a private message (hence the swearing) and never imagined it would be all over the internet. How much was the geezer paid to give this message to the media? Also find the media narrative that she committed suicide very disrespectful also, considering her health problems were well documented. More likely an accidental death.

  3. Gt

    Very touching to hear her last words on this world. And who cares about the swearings as obviously she never imagined this would be over the internet. Hopefully. And she does not anything wrong so everythings ok to me. JMO.

    • Van

      Agreed, not bothered by the swearing at all, her personality was always brutally frank and unpretentious. Are we really shocked she swore? 😀 It’s quite a hoot that this is exactly how I imagined Dolores would’ve spoken in private.

      Not getting into whether publicizing the clip is disrespectful or not– it’s an upbeat voice message, I would feel vastly different if it were a serious personal call.

  4. Denise

    I totally agree with you.
    I mean I don’t know if it was her choice to leave the world or if it was a sad coincidence. However I think that media are very disrespectful (as always). The voicemail should have stayed in private. Her family was really loyal over the past few months. They shared the funeral with us. Her mum gave some interviews about how much she misses her beloved kid. They really don’t deserve this type of sensationalism from the side of media. What more can the public want?! I hate when some ignorants make money of this situations! Journalists should show a little more respect and let her Rest in Peace finally!

  5. Fonzy

    Love, love, totally love it. It’s painful to hear her voice but feels good at the same time. A bit disrepctful indeed but that’s alright she is not revealing big secrets. I think this is more disrescptful from dan waite than tmz which are doing their job after all. Dan is just making a few bucks and found a way to legitimate their cover (good or bad who cares) which is much more questionable…

  6. Cordell

    AXL: Funny you posted this after I was the one who first told you this and you thought it was old news….. SMH

    • Axl

      Sorry for confusion, when I told you nothing new, I meant the TMZ video posted on youtube was no different than what they posted on their website and as we already shared their webpage on our socials (when you emailed me), I replied it was “nothing new”. No offense!
      Sometimes when you’re not on a real computer at home it ain’t easy to write on the website (not even talking about poor connexion on the streets or small screen mobile phones) so we start to share a link on socials (easy just one click or two, no work) and we add it later at night on the website if it is worth it. That’s the case here! Regards. Axl


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