What songs for Everybody Else’s 25th Anniversary album?

April 12, 2018  |  16 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

As you may have already seen on socials, earlier today The Cranberries posted a video and a photo on Instagram from the famous Abbey Road Studios in London where they are currently remastering “Everybody Else…” for the album’s 25th anniversary.

As a reminder the classic album counts 12 tracks:

1.  I Still Do
2.  Dreams
3.  Sunday
4.  Pretty
5.  Waltzing Back
6.  Not Sorry
7.  Linger
8.  Wanted
9.  Still Can’t…
10. I Will Always
11. How
12. Put Me Down

and the “Complete Sessions” album released in 2002 added 6 more tracks:

13.   Reason
14.   Them
15.   What You Were
16.   Liar
17.   Pretty (Prêt-à-Porter Movie Remix)
18.   How (Radical Mix)

Let’s note the band earlier mentioned they would be including some unreleased tracks and other bonus material from the era on this anniversary edition of the album. The fans already know of 5 unreleased songs from this period, thanks to bootleg recordings, as some of these were played a few times live in concert in the early years:


The question is… have all these songs been recorded in studio back then?
And what about some more unknown songs we would never have heard about, is there at least one or two somewhere?
Could the 25th Anniversary Album be an ultimate double CD/LP including all those 23 or more songs?
Time will tell… but today, the remastering has just started and it’s a bit of a nice news at this difficult time!

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16 Responses to What songs for Everybody Else’s 25th Anniversary album?

  1. Atosa

    Atosa (iosa) studio version, what a dream, if only!

  2. lipecran

    Also “Gringo” and “Hot Dog Neddy” from Water Circle era!

  3. Patty Mundo

    Such a shame and pathetic senses

  4. philippe grange

    Please can you add zombie studio version??

  5. Take My Soul Away are also from this years

  6. WarChild/Human Spirit

    Somebody needs to notify them that they never released false! In an interview a few years ago, they were asked and Feral said it was a b-side from TTFD. It looks like it was recorded, but was NEVER released. How do we get that message to them? The played false a lot in concerts during the EveryBody Else…era.

    Remastered and clearer sounding A Fast One, Shine Down/Take My Soul Away, Like You Used To and any other unknown recorded songs would be great too!

  7. Jo

    And why not a few DEMOS too, wouldn’t it be great? Yes please, a double album.

  8. V.

    If they don’t have studio versions of all these unreleased songs for sure they could have demos. And these could be very cool to include.

    • Lucca

      I’m pretty sure there will be demos, that’s what other material means to me. It has to be the ultimate Everybody album. 30 tracks at least.

  9. Ray

    Noel, Mike, Ferg, a deluxe edition please. Don’t care about the price, this has to be one of a kind.

  10. Kike

    I would love to hear the studio version (EEIDSWCW quality): “Same old story” “Serious” “False” “Like you used to” and “Take my soul away”.

  11. Francois

    Maybe the Record Plant live session should be included too?

  12. Reggie

    I echo Ray’s sentiments!

    I seriously hope they go full throttle with this release.

    We need something more than just another release of the complete sessions with just a few extra songs. I would like to see a lavish boxset in the same vein of the one U2 released for the Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary last year:


    Like U2 did, have the lavish boxset with four discs of material (3 cd’s and one Blu-ray) and a nice hardback book of photos from the period with nicely designed photo inserts or Lithographs. Have Dave Fanning (or someone of his ilk) write the liner notes and biography for the book. With physical media sales in the toilet, this release has to be something special and should also be widely promoted by the band and record company. My dream is to have the original album/complete sessions on disc 1. Have the Dave Fanning sessions, alternate takes and the other rare songs already mentioned here on disc 2. Have early live performances on disc 3. The 4th disc should be on a Blu-ray disc and should contain a multi-channel 24/96 mix of the original album and maybe a new short documentary (20-30 minutes) on the making of the album and its impact. To top things off, add the music videos which were made for the album during the period: The 3 versions of Dreams, Uncertain and Linger. The audio/video quality should/must exceed the stuff on YouTube (especially for Uncertain and the first Dreams video, both of which could look much better).

    This has to be an experience you can’t get from digital down-loads and YouTube.

    For those who don’t want to spend the money for the lavish 4-disc set, release a scaled-down two disc version on CD – again, like U2 did last year for the Joshua Tree in addition to the big set.

    Naturally, make the set available on vinyl as well.

    I do hope Noel, Mike & Ferg are indeed reading this!


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