Dolores’ mother speaks about her last moments with star

July 12, 2018  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

In the new Limerick Leader from July 14, Dolores’ mother Eileen speaks about her last moments with star. Dolores and her mother are appearing front page (as well as a very young Dolores with the late Archbishop Thomas Morris) plus there is one more page article inside. In shops now or digital edition available by clicking this link. Price: €2.50

UPDATE – 8:30 PM (UTC)

Part of the interview with Dolores’ mother now online, click here.

UPDATE – 15 July

Complete interview with Dolores’ mother now online, click here.

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7 Responses to Dolores’ mother speaks about her last moments with star

  1. JAMIE wright

    I cant read it….can someone make a clear copy if possible please xx

    • Axl

      The article is not available online for free at the moment… you can also buy the paper if you wanna read immediately!!!

  2. Lisa

    Nice interview. So they say the inquest into her death are now scheduled to take place this autumn. It’s always further and further away. Will we ever know the results one day?

  3. Fate

    Archibishop? Family friend? We all know. Burn on fire Bishop.

    • Pat

      No sorry we DON’T all know. Are you saying he was the rapist? The pedophile priest, too easy, I don’t buy. Things are a bit more complicated in life. Plus I don’t think the family would have given a photo of Dolores and he to be published front page if he really was the rapist. JMO. Pat.

    • Van

      Chill, Fate. This archbishop seems to have passed away late 90s. Dolores mentioned seeing him during her father’s funeral, so it’s not him… We’ll never know who it is, so let’s refrain from speculating on such a serious accusation.

      I was listening to NNTA earlier, hearing her vibrant voice still makes me sad.

  4. N. M.

    Even if the Archbishop isn’t the one who abused Dolores, it’s possible that he was aware of it and helped to keep things quiet. He didn’t attend her wedding, for example — during which she often seemed to search the crowd with a brave defiance and wore an ‘exposure-themed’ dress that could have served to fluster her past abuser. It also can’t be assumed that the man’s identity was ever revealed to Dolores’ parents, or shared with anyone else who can/has wanted to speak out (yet), for that matter; she did say at least once that her father would have killed, so to speak, this abuser “in a position of trust”… But with both Dolores and her father now gone, any such reticence should be discarded, IMO, as the guy could still be preying on kids for all we know, even as an elderly man.


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