RTÉ apologizes regarding the ‘Joe Jackson tapes revisited’

September 7, 2018  |  26 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Yesterday, September 6th, RTÉ published an apology regarding the ‘Joe Jackson tapes revisited’ show which aired last week on Radio 1.
As pointed earlier by our team and other fans, the broadcast appeared to feature a ten minutes interview of Sinead Lohan from 1998 that was incorretly attributed to Dolores O’Riordan. Moreover, “there was a clear inference that the members of The Cranberries band had used drugs”.
A correction and apologies from RTÉ were thus in order.

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26 Responses to RTÉ apologizes regarding the ‘Joe Jackson tapes revisited’

  1. Please remove your potentially libelous comment. Nowhere in this apology from RTE, which I agreed with in advance of publication and nowhere in any correspondence with representatives of the Cranberries and Dolores O’ Riordan is tiger any suggestion that ‘the ‘way it was edited seemed to intend to paint the Cranberries and especially Dolores O Riordan as heavy drug users.’ That claim, by admin on this page is professionally damaging to me,as the editor of the programme. The truth is that ‘human error, has been accepted asan explanation for the wrong fragment of tape being used and the truth is that nowhere in the programme do I contesttge clear claims of the Cranberries that they never used drugs. If your comment is not removed as soon as possible I will be forced to take legal action

    • ‘sorry, ‘tiger’ was typo, meant ‘there’ and elsewhere I meant ‘contest the.’ By the way, the full 2001 interview, I have published, free, for all to see at joejacksoninterviewer.com. I also soon will make both my 1993 and 2001 interviews available for all to hear.

    • Webmaster

      If the vocabulary used here was not appropriate – please note we’re not native English speakers – we edited our post quoting RTE’s publication “there was a clear inference that the members of The Cranberries band had used drugs” to avoid any confusion.

  2. You are misquoting. And your comment is a lie and libel. RTE doesn’t say I edited to damage the. cranberries. I have reported this post to Facebook aaa False News. Please remove your comment or I will take legal action

    • Bassman

      Libel was your false broadcast identifying a 10-minute interview with Sinead Lohan about drug use as Dolores O’Riordan. You are stupid.

    • Popa

      What a dweeb this joke jackson. Is he serious. All this for a “the” misquote. ????????
      He’s making such a mess for nothing.

  3. Billy Chinz

    What a fucker Joe Jackson is. His threat is complete bullshit. He still hasn’t apologized for his mistake. I guarantee you he can’t take any legal action. What a has been loser. Amazing he still has a job. Sharing this with everyone!

  4. S666

    OMG he’s so old he probably has dementia mixing interviews and threatening ‘legal action’. Clearly he’s out of it. Leave the poor fella alone.

  5. Cranfan81

    Too many human errors tiger!

  6. Tori

    SEND THIS PAGE TO RTE. They’ll apologize for this asshole once again.

  7. We have the recording of the entire broadcast. If he’s threatening legal action we can send you the broadcast where he clearly slanders Dolores O’Riordan’s reputation. He’ll be the one paying in court. Let him take “legal action.” What a joke.

  8. WendyW

    Please DO NOT REMOVE THIS article. People need to be held accountable. And if anyone is in legal trouble it’s Joe Jackson that is why RTE apologized. You really should send them a link to this page with his threats. I have a screenshot if he deletes and you need receipts.

  9. Joe Jackson

    Thanks for all the comments. I can take action against this page for suggesting there was malice of intent. I did apologise. I’ll leave it now, for my lawyer and Facebook to respond to allegations and personal attacks on this page. B

    • EJBalka

      FACT: Joe Jackson played a 10 minute interview of Sinead Lohan talking about using heavy drugs and identified the woman in the interview as Dolores O’Riordan

      FACT: fans pointed this out to RTE

      FACT: RTE apologized

      FACT: CW reported this

      FACT: Joe Jackson threatened “legal action”

      um… ok

      he can’t do anything. let him. how embarrassing for him to air a 10 minute interview not knowing who he was talking to. let him ‘take legal action’ and bring even more attention to this.


      HA HA HAH AHA .

      maybe a new job joe?

  10. BillTFasio

    FACT: joe jackson played a 10 minute interview of a woman admitting she does heavy drugs.

    FACT: joe jackson identified this woman as Dolores O’Riordan, who recently died.

    FACT; the woman in the interview was Sinead Lohan not dolores.

    FACT: RTE apologized for the broadcast.

    FACT: CranberriesWorld reported this.

    FACT: Joe Jackson threatened legal action.

    He does have dementia!

  11. Mr.SaintJohn

    Please let him take legal action and bring even more attention to this! He is a broadcaster who played a 10 MINUTE interview not knowing who he was talking to!!! Amazing that he calls himself an “interviewer”! I love it Joe Jackson, the interviewer who doesn’t know who he’s talking to! time for a new gig Joe!

  12. GirlZone

    I have the broadcast and am tempted to post it on YouTube now and start sharing it! It’s hilarious. He goes “there you have it folks” after playing Sinead Lohan’s drug tirade, insinuating it was Dolores speaking. Is her family aware of this? if he’s threatening legal action it would only be fair that it’s a fair fight? I can post it and send it to her family page if you need.

    • Paula

      No doubt the family and the Crans know about that. That’s probably why RTE had to apologize. I have the broadcast too if someone ever needs it. Please don’t remove the post.

  13. Tears on your face

    Oh I can remember the broadcast. How hilarious how he is. At one point in the program he said something like hey I observe things that’s part of my job. Sorry i dont remember the exact words but he basically wanted to mean hey i’m smart. Pathetic. By the way dear Joe in case you don’t lnow it, only the dumb are saying they’re smart. True smart ppl dont need.

  14. KellyAnne

    You guys are being too mean to Joe Jackson. He is a legend himself. My family and I love listening to his show. We have this game where we all listen to his interviews together and try to guess who he is talking to because clearly he doesnt know who he’s talking to! ha ha ha.

  15. KellyAnne

    Yes! THEY CAN AND SHOULD SUE HIM! I have the broadcast where he slanders Dolore’s reputation. I can send it to them!

  16. Girl

    First of all, sorry for my english.
    I want write something to Joe Jackson:

    Joe, maybe you haven’t reread  the principal post of this page after the complaint you made about it.
    So read it again: the Cranberries World crew have immediately corrected the post, faithfully reporting, in quotes, the sentence within the apologies by rte.
    Perhaps, in the heat, you did not notice.

    In light of this, why do you reiterate legal threats?
    Get it over with this commotion.
    The main person who should complain about this whole thing, Dolores O’Riordan, can not do it anymore.
    Millions of people have said of her “Stay in peace”. Well, that’s it.

    You made a mistake, the Rte channel apologized. If it went the way it seems to me, or that you did not reread the main post of this page, now you can do it and realize there is no reason to attach yourself to quibbles. Dolores O’Riordan is dead. She would have been the first to tell you “To be wrong is human.” “I apologize.” Reread the main post and realize that no one here, in turn, wanted to wrong you. That’s enough.

  17. Girl

    Regarding the last part of my post about Dolores, where I say “She would have been the first to tell you…” and the part where I say that “nobody here wants …” of course I did not want to speak for others: the whole post is my personal and simple opinion. Hugs.

  18. Webmaster

    Dear everyone,
    We would like to thank you for your support.
    We do own a copy of the broadcast as well as screen shots of our Facebook exchanges with Joe Jackson that followed the broadcast (where he was already quite rude); exchanges which we – way too kindly – took offline as per his request on Friday August 31st.
    Now, RTE apologized and published this correction, which is what we had asked for, as well as some other fans who made a claim, so we’re not willing to push this any further – even if we could…
    We just believed it was fair to let the fans who were hurt know that RTE had apologized, and publish this correction for the sake of Dolores memory.
    Joe Jackson is now threatening us and emailing us stating that we “invite hate posts and allow personal abuse on our page”, though obviously none of you would have commented on here if he had not came back on our page to make fun of himself, and grab everyone’s attention again on Facebook (post he has since deleted).
    We’ll just let it die “tiger”, except if he keeps threatening us, in which case we’re not too worried as we are already in touch with management about this 😉
    Thanks to all!

  19. Jony

    Wow, I am just discovering the whole story, this man seems to have serious problems of ego besides being very arrogant and quite unprofessional. I think he is probably the one taking heavy drugs, that’s why is so focused about the topic. Poor guy, and he just can’t leave a message without saying I’ll take legal action. He clearly is not a nice guy.


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