BREAKING: Noel, Mike and Fergal’s first interview since Dolores passing, revealing the name of their ultimate album (UPDATED)

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Today, The Guardian published the first interview of the lads since January 2018.

As we know, the band has been avoiding media interviews and requests to take part in commemorative projects these last months, asking for people to respect their wishes for privacy at this very difficult time.

However, as the 25th anniversary edition of “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” is about to be released this October along with The Cranberries final album called “THIS IS THE END” that will be released in 2019, the band spoke today for the first time to The Guardian at Strand hotel, Limerick, discussing the “challenges of working without [Dolores]”

Click here to read the article where the band says that their ultimate album will be “really strong lyrically“.
They indeed explain that “she always said she found it hard to write songs when she was happy. She always said: put a bit of misery in her life and it was easier.

The band also confirms that “This Is The End” will be their last album:
“We will do this album and then that will be it,” [Noel] adds. “There is no need to continue.”

The Guardian treats us with the first photoshoot of the band without Dolores, heartbreakingly describing the scene:
The band step out on to the balcony to do the photoshoot. Noel stood out here with O’Riordan the last time he saw her. This is new for them: no frontwoman, no idea how to stand, to pose, without their focal point. ‘With Dolores, doing pictures was so easy, because you knew exactly what to do’ he smiles. ‘Just all get behind her’. 

Photo: Patrick Bolger for the Guardian

Thanks to Julien @jttlse for his help


“IN THE END” should in fact be the title of the album and not “THIS IS THE END”. See our update by clicking this link.

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8 Responses to BREAKING: Noel, Mike and Fergal’s first interview since Dolores passing, revealing the name of their ultimate album (UPDATED)

  1. Mark James Meli

    It would be nice, and I sincerely hope that these three remain together in their next musical venture.

  2. David Raghoo

    I cried much as a little boy when my mom passed away,I once thought I cried for my whole life time, growing up never felt normal,I drifted away from it ,inside my mind trying to remember her face never want to let go of that little part of my life that I had her never want to let go,so I hid myself in that memory and never cared to come out,only when people try to come close to me and try to get in my head,and yes I know about shrinks and that shit cause my mom is dead and I’m only 12…The Cranberries was my voice when I lost mine crying all day and eventually sleeping away to Dolores angelic voice ,she was my comforter now,year after year she helped me grow stronger ,I am forever grateful and always admire and love her,just like me she touched millions all over the word,May peace by whit her priceless beautiful soul for I know she returns to sing whit the Angels…

  3. Abraham

    So… the album will be titled This Is The End… How sad

  4. Maaike

    This brings tears to my eyes all over again… The album title, what Noel said about this being the last album and doing a photoshoot without their “rock” Dolores…It’s gonna take a long time for all of us to get over this! Amazing how the guys managed to deal with the past 8 months and still work really hard for the fans. Thank you so much, guys!!

  5. Mike Sniadecki

    Gosh this is sad wonder if there will be any remasters for the other albums? I hope so it sounds so sad to hear the title but guess it’s true hard to go on without her. I loved you guys always will! I appreciate everything you guys have done! I wish things could of happened differently for Dolores gosh this breaks my heart!

  6. Van

    The article was a bit intense to read.

    >“IN THE END” should in fact be the title of the album and not “THIS IS THE END”.

    A little relieved to know the bittersweet title is actually the final one, and not the depressing and morbid “This is the End”.

    I don’t know about working together, though, as the thought of Dolores will always hover around the three if they remain together as a professional group, but I definitely agree with Mark that they should continue their musical careers. Truly talented lot they are. Dolores wouldn’t have shone as bright as she did without the three, as much as they wouldn’t have been catapulted to success without her.

  7. RC

    I never doubted that “In the End” would be their last album as The Cranberries.
    However, I do think that they’ll continue to be involved in Cranberries projects such as remasters and anniversary editions ( No Need to argue 25 is next year). There will also probably be documentaries ( a feature length doc on them is long overdue and is probably very likely now), exhibits, books, etc. And I’m guessing there will probably be a 30th anniversary boxset in 2020. So in addition to other musical endeavors they may have in the future, I still think they’ll continue to oversee their legacy with The Cranberries.

  8. Limey

    Seeing the guys pose for a picture without Dolores really settles it, huh? I can’t imagine how tough it is for them.


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