“IN THE END” The Cranberries’ final album title amended by The Guardian (UPDATED)

September 14, 2018  |  20 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Guardian just edited their online version of their interview with the lads as there were a few mistakes. Read below the notification added in the very last lines:

This story was updated to correct two errors. The Aer Lingus incident occurred in 2014, not 2016. At the time of her death, O’Riordan was in London to mix a record with her side project D.A.R.K, not to record vocals for Bad Wolves.

Furthermore, the article now features another amendement regarding the name of the album. “THIS IS THE END” has now been replaced by “IN THE END”… Could that be another mistake that hasn’t been listed in their “update list”?

Let’s not numerous fans have already been commenting on how heartbreaking “This Is The End” sounds, so let’s hope this time The Guardian got the title right…

1st version with “This Is The End”

2nd version with “In The End”


The guardian edited their online article for the second time, again amending errors, although this time the name of the album hasn’t changed. So now looks very likely that “In The End” will be the title of the ultimate album.

We may thus wonder if this was a mistake from the journalist – as we can imagine that The Guardian would have listed this error on their “update list” while amending the article for the 2nd time – or if the band has decided to change the title between Sept 3rd and yesterday, thus requiring an amendment once the article was already printed.

3rd version still with “In The End”

Here’s also below the hard copy of the newspaper, shared by ‘The Cranberries Newspaper’ on Facebook, thanks to them. It appears that the printed paper features a different photo of the lads and the first version of the article, meaning the album title mentioned is “This Is The End”.

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20 Responses to “IN THE END” The Cranberries’ final album title amended by The Guardian (UPDATED)

  1. Maddy

    Quite sure the title will be this is the end. I’ve got a feeling. And it makes more sense. The guardian probably made another mistake when changing the name. Too many mistakes in this article and there are still some. For example noel last saw dolores in september 2017 not november as written. Anyways.

  2. Valerio

    This is the end would be more appropriate. I would prefer this title

  3. Noah

    I agree that title “This is the end” may sound more fitting, but it is a bit more straightforward than “In the end” which sounds more fluid and allows multiple meanings to sink in. I would prefer IN THE END…

  4. Amy

    Why are they now saying that she was in London to record for D.A.R.K. and not to contribute to Bad Wolves’ cover of “Zombie?” If I recall correctly, Tommy Vext himself has said numerous times that she was supposed to contribute on the very day that she died and at one point he even said that he helped make arrangements to get to London in the first place. Perhaps she had made plans to do both? If that’s the case, though, then they need to “set the record straight,” as the saying goes.
    Anyway, RIP Dolores. 🙁

    • Tim

      Totally agree with Amy. She was in London for Bad Wolves (maybe Dark as well, that we don’t know). Well, just another mistake, and I thought The Guardian was a serious newspaper.

    • Anonymous

      Amy, cause she she was in London to record for D.A.R.K.

  5. Sören

    But who else could correct the wrong album title than The Cranberries? I also think that “In the end” sounds more like an album title than “This is the end”.

    I am sure that sooner or later we will learn much more about Dolores´ stay in London.

    I know this is the wrong place but I am still looking for both red vinyl versions of the Album “No need To Argue” for a “normal” price.

  6. Maaike

    Yes, I also think In the End is a better title than This is The End. A bit less dramatic, but that’s just how we will feel when we hear the album. It’s going to be so emotional. By the way, I noticed that the coroner mentioned during the inquest the hotelroom number in which Dolores stayed… What are your thoughts on that? I wonder if that was a good idea…

    • Sören

      I thought the same about the hotel room number. I don´t think that the hotel will be thrilled about it.

  7. Mike Sniadecki

    I agree Maaike I like In The End much better than This Is The End that had me so depressed yesterday. I hope that is the title I sure hope the cranberries remaster the other albums as well. Release MTV Unplugged and other live performances on DVD would be great sure hope they do!

  8. Warchild/HumanSpirit

    I hope it’s In The End instead of This is the End, which is very depressing. It’s also quite possible that there is a song title called In The End too.

  9. alexverveboy

    There is a mistake in the date on which Noel says he saw to Dolores in a Limerick hotel to give the interview to the Chinese journalist Gao, It was not in November of 2017, it was on September 3, 2017 this means that the last time Noel saw Dolores in person was on September 3, 2017 and then there was only phone contact, emails and text messages until the 14 of January of 2018, It is sad to know that the contact between Dolores, Noel, Fergal and Mike was not as we imagined and was distant in the last months of our beloved Dolores’s life but in the end everything is logical, without Dolores there can be no The Cranberries, she was the soul, voice and heart of the band always… Was easy to supply Noel, Fergal or Mike or all of them, remember that when Dolores was a soloist it was also a wonderful and beautiful cycle with new musicians but supplying Dolores is impossible, to do so another woman should be born to sing with the soul and that today is impossible, I think that is a wise decision of Noel, Fergal and Mike to close this cycle of The Cranberries with that last album that our beloved Dolores left us and then remember forever our beloved Dolores through the musical legacy that left us alone and with The Cranberries.


  10. Girl

    I was writing: “Whatever will be the title of the album, I wish that this too was something that Dolores had come to decide / agree with the Cranberries” but a moment later I was, once again, moved.
    Why would Dolores ever have to choose a similar title?
    Dear all, what a sadness.
    Anyway, I would prefer “In the end” in the sense of “At last” or “finally”.
    Something more subtle, in short, perhaps more elegant, I do not know.
    Another thing I would rather like is that the album did not have any photos inside. I would like it to be as close as possible to what Dolores, her too, had come to discuss or design.
    Damn, how many speeches.
    It will be very difficult to listen to it.
    It still remains so painful that Dolores O’Riordan is gone. All the others, mine, Robert Smith, Billy Corgan, Morrissey, have made it. In the years, in my head, we had all done it. We were all grown up. My dear Dolores too. But she does not.

    I hope that what I have written is understandable. For many phrases I used the translator. Sorry.

  11. Sören

    How could the last album cover look like?

    – No photo at all
    – Photo from the session in Cancún/Mexico (recreating the first album cover/ black background)
    – Photo from “Why” photo session (promo single cover)
    – New photo from Noel, Mike and Fergal + Dolores as a framed picture in the background

  12. Sören

    Another idea for the last cover would be another re creation of the first album cover but with only Noel, Mike and Fergal sitting on a sofa and Dolores appearing in a photo in the background.

  13. Maaike

    I don’t think they will put a picture of the four of them on the album, unless Dolores and the guys already thought about that when she recorded her vocals for the album last year. But because she passed so suddenly, with still so many plans for the future, maybe there is too much grief for the guys to put a “classic” picture of them on the sofa on it. However, a big white angel (possibly with a red heart) in some form with a black background would be very beautiful to remember Dolores.

  14. Girl

    Yesterday I tried to write something, but I was not able to send the post. Among other things, I wrote that I hope the album is as close as possible to what Dolores was able to discuss or agree with the others. I hope that the title, if it really must be one of those, is “In the end”, in the sense of “at last” or “finally”. Something thin, elegant. And not that other, so hard and trivial. I also wrote that another choice that I would appreciate would be that of a graphic that does not show photos. Something minimal. I do not know. I imagine the difficulty of the Cranberries also with regard to this. But today I think of “The hand”. He would be so good at finding the right balance between simplicity, respect and smile. A simple pen drawing made by him. It could be the perfect cover. A drawing and nothing more.

  15. Van

    I’d want an album cover that would acknowledge Dolores’ active participation in the creation of the band’s album (it is her vocals, after all), but at the same time acknowledge her passing– so the front cover I was thinking of would have the three guys sitting in the couch, with one seat space vacant, then at the back cover we have a solo of Dolores.

    My perfect cover would have been the silhouette of the four of them seated in their iconic couch (well, a replica, since the original was destroyed) facing backwards so we only see them from behind– but, obviously, there’s no such photo, even on file from previous shoots.

    Aw, Dolores. We miss you.


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