In The End – Tracklist confirmed

January 3, 2019  |  6 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  The Cranberries

Our team just had a look at the French SACEM website (French professional association collecting payments of artists’ rights and distributing the rights to the original songwriters, composers, and music publishers) where the song titles unveiled yesterday by Itzik are indeed all listed, which confirms that these songs will indeed feature on the band’s upcoming album In The End!
See screenshots below:

Interestingly, when browsing the To The Faithful Departed era on the SACEM website, we also noticed a song we had never heard of before: “Angel” !!!

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6 Responses to In The End – Tracklist confirmed

  1. Andrea

    Can Angel be another title of Yesterday’s gone?

  2. Maria

    Wow that was fast. Are they gonna release it on January 15th? It would be a great tribute!

  3. alexverveboy

    Thanks Cranberries World team for confirming the information of the song list of the new and last album of our beloved and sweet Dolores with The Cranberries In The End=)

  4. G.Vignes

    Can you have more information? “Angel” is a b-side song ever released? Will they ever publish it? Thank you for confirming the list of songs.

    • Webmaster

      Sacem website does not provide any other info, which makes it hard to investigate but we’ll keep an eye on this…
      Could also be an alternative title to a song we already know, or an unpublished song?


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